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Thread: Daily schedule?

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    Default Daily schedule?

    I don't plan on really scheduling much, but would like to join in some of the planned activities. How is the schedule dispersed - daily, weekly, paper, central board? The last AI we stayed at (in Mexico) only had the daily activities on a large board, between the rum and my failing memory I barely made it to any activities - which sometimes led to more rum. Also, any activities that are a "must"?

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    Where are you staying?????

    Each resort has a page on this website with the Activities listed

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    Default CN - planned activities

    Just returned from Couples Negril! We received an envelope upon check-in. Inside the envelope was a brochure with the weeks activities schedule, day-by-day, and a map of the resorts lay-out. Keep in mind that the activities could change, so posted in the Cassava Terrace Rest. and the Heliconis Grill is the list for that particular's day activities. Also in the brochure is a list of the restaurants and dining hours, information for the water sports, golfing, spa & fitness, etc.
    At CN, when we participated in different activities(exception are the water sports), we were given "fun money" which could be saved up throughout the week and then used at one of the auctions held 3 x week. We had fun with this! We took advantage of the couples massage class, bingo at the boardwalk, wood carving class, hat making class, and the frog hunt(they're soooooo cute!). You'll have decide what interests you and go from there. No worries mon!

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    We're headed to CN. I assumed the listing on the website was merely a sample. Thanks for the info. warmweatherfriend, it is just what I was looking for. Sounds like some very fun activities - do you hunt actual frogs? We tend to gravitate towards outdoorsy things, although the massage class seems appealing, also. As long as the weather is warm, we'll have no worries!

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    Default do you hunt actual frogs?

    We met by the game room at 7:30pm one evening. Angelica had flashlights for each couple(we brought our own pen light) and then walked over by the spa area & ponds. The frogs really like a certain type of plant located in this area; especially if it has rained. They're REALLY little, size of a thumbnail, who knew!!!

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    Sounds interesting, anyone try to make a drinking game out of it?

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    That's a great idea! Give it a whirl... No one initiated a drinking game on our "hunt" or we would have

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