Hi everyone! We recently booked our honeymoon for July 16-26! I am so excited. This will be our first time at CSA or any other couples resort! We booked a beachfront verandah suite. We didn't request a certain floor or building, simply since we've got nothing to go on! We are both in our early-mid thirties and are looking for some fun, relaxation, and hopefully to meet some great people to hang out with once in a while if we get bored! Any tips on floor or building choice for the room? Right now I've read different reviews, some like the walkout to the beach others like the sunset view from the top. I think we're going to roll the dice and see what we end up with! We're totally laid back people just looking to have the time of our lives. We probably won't get another vacation for a while as we want to start a family right away so I have high expectations for this trip! 10 nights, with 2 weekends! So who's booked and going in mid-july?! I'm a little freaked out it's going to be so hot, but oh well. I guess that's what bathing suits are for!