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    Default CN Review - Feb. 27 thru March 7th

    We arrived in Montego Bay Airport 2 hrs. late because of weather but were greeted at the Couples Lounge w/smiling faces & drinks. Good way to start the vacation! We boarded the shuttle bus along with 5 other couples going to both CN & CSA. The drive along the coast line is gorgeous! I don’t know why anyone would want to fly into the small airstrip across from CN and miss the lovely views of the sea and the locals in the neighboring towns? Upon arrival, we were greeted with cool cloths & champagne and a young lady explained the basics to us and off we went to our room and our luggage arrived in a few minutes. We were very lucky to get a second floor room in bldg. #1. The room was spotless and Vernika took very good care of us all week. The bathroom was very clean but somewhat dated. There is a hairdryer on the wall but if you have long or thick hair, it will not be sufficient. The robes provided along with the turn-down service nightly are a nice touch too. The grounds & pool are very well maintained. Each day, employees rake seaweed that washes ashore & bury it. The red flag service is great! The beach and sunsets are amazing here. Our water activities were somewhat limited due to the winds & waves but we were busy participating in some of the daily activities, walking on the beach or just plain relaxing that it really didn’t matter. Compared to the cold & snow at home, we were in paradise. Also comparing other countries from our travels and other all-inclusive resorts, we have never experienced the friendliness of the staff or the locals like we did in Jamaica. The evening entertainment was top notch and the entertainment staff – Simone, Travis & Angelica (BooBoo) are to be commended. They are AWESOME. They truly made us feel like “family” and we can now understand why so many repeaters call CN “home”. All four restaurants have exceptional food – Otaheite, in my opinion, was even one more step above all. Leroy – thanks for being so kind to us and for the dining experiences. The chef – Misha (spelling?), does an exceptional job taking care of so many people on a daily basis. Marlon made an awesome Bob Marley that took my BF’s breath away. heehee We especially enjoyed the catamaran trip – Howard the bartender was an experience in itself! He entertained us with his singing, dancing and balancing acts and we all enjoyed a dip in the sea and the sliding board antics. I would like to mention the three couples that we met last week and spent a considerable amount of time with. They are a valuable part of our vacation as well – Camie & Jeff from Alaska, Heidi & Numik(spelling?) from Germany and Kim & John from N. Hampshire. We enjoyed spending time with all of you! I have only touched upon a few of the many wonderful people & sites we encountered during our stay. Having read the message board since Sept. 2009, I have to thank everyone for their comments, stories, pictures, etc. I was advised to follow my heart to the resort that was calling me. WE chose CN and it certainly met and even exceeded our expectations. We also hope to become repeaters, so until the day we can return, I will monitor the message board and look for that one couplicious deal that calls out to me and sign-up.

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    ** love it **
    Art xo Francine

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    I really enjoyed your review on CN..Couples Negril
    I think CN is just about the best resort in Jamaica.
    My wife Peggy and I are returning to CN on April 10th after a three year absence..We are very excited to be returning home.

    Hugs from 10 0 C

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    Default Tommywommy/Art & Francine

    Thank you so much! I especially appreciate your feedback because I've read so many of your posts since we started researching going to CN last year. You conveyed the atmosphere at CN and the feelings of going "home" so well which enticed us to choose CN. I must say that I now "get it"! Thanks again...

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    The reviews and comments definitely helped us to choose this resort and you are right...once you go, you know. We are going back in far away...counting down already.

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    It's funny, toss in a couple of not-so-hot reviews and all of a sudden people start to wonder if their resort is going downhill, which has been the case with CN of late.

    But we forget that for the vast majority of vacationers, the quality of service and the treatment they received falls much closer in line to what warmweartherfriend just experienced. Good stuff, can't wait until we experience CN for ourselves.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    Default CN

    Hi everyone! My husband Jason and I got married April 15, 2009. We would love to return again around the same time this year but our schedules won't allow it. We only stayed for 5 nights which wasn't near long enough. We really didn't want to leave. The "Bob Marley" knocked me on my bootie.
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    CN..Couples Negril

    The resort that other resorts try to equal.

    Hugs from 10 0 C

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    Hi Sharon

    It was so nice to meet you and Will. We're glad you guys had a good time. Hope you can make it back again next year.

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    Default John_NH

    Hi John! Back to REALITY, huh?! When I got our pics developed, 'lo and behold, there was a picture at the beach grill of a white bird sitting on a chair and you and Kim just happened to be in the background. Surprise! Also, we're in a big debate WITH OURSELVES about Feb. 2011 vacation plans because of the hot deal out there where one has to book by April 15th. Also debating whether to go back to CN or try THAT is opening a can of words I must say! LOL Stay tuned and stay warm up north.

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