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    There's been a series of posts dedicated of late to some displays of inconsiderate behavior and attitudes, so I thought it would be a good time, even if a bit corny, to make some open promises on this board regarding how Rosa and I expect to conduct ourselves during our upcoming trip to CTI/CN next month.

    Therefore, we promise to:

    *Arrive in Jamaica with a fun, positive attitude
    Trust me, we'll be tired, especially me, being we're flying out of LAX on the red eye, then having a 4 hour layover in Miami before heading to paradise. For Rosa, it won't be so bad, dang if that gal can't sleep anywhere, any time, and under almost any conditions. I'm not so lucky, so I'll likely be scraping knuckles by the time we touch down in Mobay. But so what? We're on friggin VACATION! If that can't put a smile on one's face and keep one in good spirits, then what can?

    *Be patient at check in
    I've read plenty of posts where sometimes check in can be slow, especially if there's a large contingent arriving about the same time. But I know we'll have been cheerfully greeted with a warm smile, a cool towel, and a cold drink. We'll just let that soak in while we wait to speak with the person who checks us in. And while I'm sure we'll inquire about availability for a certain building and such, we will not demand anything....except maybe a smile from the clerk if he or she is having a tough time of it.

    *Treat EVERYONE with respect
    Guests, employees, non-staff help, Jamaican citizens. Doesn't matter, everyone deserves the same courtesy and goodwill, regardless of status. Rosa and I will offer our friendship to any and all we meet.

    *Not tip anyone we're not supposed to tip
    The last thing we want to do is jeopardize an employee's position at Couples, so we simply won't tip. We will however make sure to openly recognize those who have demonstrated good customer service and trust me, we're not too demanding to merit this recognition (in fact, I'm a big ol' softy for the most part).

    The above contains promises that we intend to take seriously and look forward to honoring. But some promises are...shall we say, a bit more lighthearted. For instance, we also promise to:

    *Hug Ava at the Couples lounge
    Of course I'll tell her in advance that this is from Tommywommy. Don't want Ms. Ava to think I'm some perv who's just trying to cop a squeeze.

    *Run that rum down our throats
    Hey, if we want to score points with the Rumrunners, I mean.....

    And when we're ready to depart CTI and head over to CN, we promise to request a Wally Transfer. And once we arrive at CN and head on over for some breakfast, we promise to request a Wally Omelet (thought I forgot, eh Wally?).

    And finally, I promise to let Jim (aka RDYJMJM) buy me a stinking Bob Marley. This is one promise I can't hold Rosa to.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    Ron & Rosa You Are Going To Have a FABULOUS Vacation!!! We have stayed at both of your destinations and they are TERRIFIC!!!

    ENJOY!!! And Happy 25th Anniversary! Ours is 4/16, what's your's?

    A & F
    Art xo Francine

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    This is where we need a like button or thumbs up. I promise that once you get off that shuttle and walk into the lobby, look out over the ocean and feel the ocean breezes, you won't care how tired you are when your room will be ready. You will just want to breath in the ocean air. Give Byron, okay have Rosa give Byron a hug from Vicky.

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    Ron and Rosa,
    There is no doubt in my mind that you will have a great vacation. It is the attitude that you have that makes me sure of it. You are the type of people I would love to have around me while I am on vacation. Enjoy!

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    Thanks for the responses gang. Trust me, we intend to live up to those promises too - even the sillier one ones.

    Art and Francine, our actual 25th falls on 4/5. But we're not arriving in paradise until 4/10. However, we have a double reason to celebrate on the 5th. Not only will we be dining on lobster that evening, so that we can get our crustacean fix out of the way, knowing there won't be any during this period in Jamaica. But we're choosing this date to also make the final payment on our mortgage! Woohoo!!

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    I endorse all of the above.


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