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    Default Getting to AN from CSA

    We will be staying at CSA and would like to try an AN beach, but we know that CSA does not have one. So, what do we do? I think we need a day pass, so how do we get one and how do we get there? Which AN beach would be the closest -- CN? Do we take a cab???

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    The only resort that will offer you a day pass will be CN. Sign up for Romance Rewards and you can participate in the "Trading Places" program.

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    Default day pass

    We stayed at CSA and wanted to go to CN for the AN beach. We were first timers so the conceige said it would be 100$ each. There is a shuttle at 10am. and a pickup at 4pm. We did this and it worked perfectly. On checkout they never did charge us for the day. Not sure why. We recommend this as we were new to AN and didnt really want to bump into people at our main resort. CN is just up the street, about a 10 minute bus ride.
    btw, we looked around CN and ate lunch there as well. We liked CSA more. CN had more topless on textile beach but the atmosphere was more party and less romantic we thought. To each his own! The AN beach was great. The proximity to the textile beach was interesting and for us added a little spice from the exhibitionist standpoint. one couple that came over on the bus walked into the AN area, saw us, froze and walked away. I think they had the same idea to switch resorts and try AN incognito!

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