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    Default Visiting May 19th-26th Silver Anniversary

    We will be celebrating our 25th anniversary. We look forward to meeting and making new friends. If you will be there during this time period; please say hello. We'd love to meet you.
    Sam & Vickie

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    Default Oops....we are going to CTI May 19-26th

    You can bet we will be on the Isle. We look forward to feeling the warm breeze flowing over area normally covered. To experience the freedom that most people can hardly understand or will ever experience. What happens in Jamaica....stays in Jamaica. When not at the isle, you will catch us Scuba Diving or at the gym. We are looking soooooooo forward to this well deserved vacation. S&V

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    Best wishes on your 25th. We spent our honeymoon (1981) at Tower Island and our 25th anniversay there also. I can't think of a better place to have done so!

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    Sam-Vicki...will see over on the Island, sometime on the 24!!

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    Default Thank Piperman

    It's nice to know others have had a great time on their 25th there at CTI. We do wish you could join us. The more the merrier. Being Scuba Divers and gym goers, we plan on working and playing hard while we are there. Hopefully others there will be able to keep up with these grandparents...LOL

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    Hey Bostonwalt...we look forward to partying with you there. We DO plan on having a blast.

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