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    Default Sans Souci Beach Front Room Pictures

    Does anyone have any "newer" pictures of the Sans Souci Beach Front Suite? The ones posted online show that it doesn't have a tv in the bedroom. Further More the tv in the living room is a 27" tube - from like 1992. Can anyone confirm? I just booked it - and may have to go up to the penthouse.

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    We're going to probably go up to the penthouse. Not much more in price difference. imho, I'd rather not have a tv. I think too many folks are worried about that, rather than the big picture...pun intended!

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    There is a flat screen TV attached to the living room wall that swivels into the bedroom.

    Here is a link to our pictures, the Beachfront Suite pictures are at the end of the bunch.

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    There is no TV in the bedroom. You will not miss it.

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    I believe there is only one tv but having looked at peoples pictures on line can confirm that it is a flat screen on a wall bracket that swings towards the bedroom.

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    Don't worry, they've updated the televisions. They're flat screens that are mounted in such a way that you swivel it around from sitting area for viewing from the bedroom. You won't get two separate televisions as you may have in a penthouse or even some of the rooms in the cliffs that have completely divided bedrooms and sitting rooms, but you can easily watch television from bed.

    Actually, I think the first room we stayed in (before the renovations), had a tube television, but you could still swivel it on a base to see from bed. I know I've seen the flat screens in the beachfront rooms on a swivel-wall-mount. Obviously, I haven't seen EVERY room, but I would be VERY surprised if they still had any tube televisions.

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    Default BeachFront CSS Pictures

    Hi emeroh.
    We stayed in a Beachfront Suite Aug 2009. There is a flatscreen TV in the sitting Room area (which you can see in one of the pics) which swivels around to be viewed from the bedroom. We loved the location and size of the beachfront suite - near to beach and breakfast area.

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