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    Default In-room safe size

    Hello, will the safe be large enough to hold a 13.3" MacBook? I booked a Garden View Room. I am not sure if the safe size is larger in the more expensive rooms. Thank you!

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    the safe is small mounted on the wall. I don't think it will fit

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    Since you wrote "Garden View Room", I'm assuming you mean CN.

    In 2007 they put in new code-operated safes that are slightly larger. They are the same size in all room categories.

    A 13.3" may fit in diagonally, depending on the thickness. WxHxD is 16.5"x5.25"x12.5" internally but the door limits the entry width to ~12.5". The ruler in these pics is 10cm on one side, 4 in. on the other.

    (Art&Francine feel free to ridicule this - but hey, people ask this all the time ).
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    Are the safes the same at CTI? They used to have those key deadbolts. They told us "NOT TO LOSE THE KEY AS IT IS THE ONLY ONE THEY HAVE". I thought they must have a spare key, untill we heard them drilling for quite some time in an adjoining room. We were very careful after that.

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    The safes are the same at CN & CTI. I have a MacBook and it fit fine in both safes without any issues. I even have a neoprene case that holds the MacBook fit in the safe with the case on it.
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