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    Default TimAir - CN to CTI


    We've flown Tim Air a few times to CTI before, but we're visiting CN for the first time and looking to fly down to CTI from here, but Tim Air are quoting a pretty painful $626. This sounds a lot, and just wondered if anyone had flown that route recently and had any advice? Or... we'll be flying (hopefully!) on 31st March 2010 - would anyone like to join us and share the cost??


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    We took TimAir in Jan. CTI to CN. And once from CN to CSS We paid the same.
    1 hour 20 min from door to door . The drive takes takes 3 1/2 to 5 1/2hours. We used the resort most of the day then left in the afternoon wearing our suits. And were back on the beach in no time


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    We opted for the drive...took just over 3 was fine

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