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    Default Few Questions about CSS

    We went to CSA for the first time Nov 09 and we fell in love with it. We were going to do a split Jan 11 with CSA and CSS but decided to just go to CSS. We loved the beach at CSA and the rooms right on the beach, and the nightlife - Palms, disco, casino, and sports complex. So I know we will miss all that, but having said that, I think we will also love CSS and now are very excited to try CSS. Just a few questions.
    1. Are the men allowed to wear shorts in Pallazina (I know I spelled that wrong)? For lunch? For dinner? I know in Casanova you can't wear shorts, but how about Pallazina?

    2. Do you get invited to the repeater's dinner if you have been to another Couples' resort and not CSS?

    3. Does CSS have a casino?

    4. Are there any airconditioned spots - restaurants, bars,... besides your room?

    5. Do you have to get up so early like at CSA to hold a palapya?

    6. Does CSS also have a talent show?

    The answers to these questioins will not keep us from CSS. We would just like to know ahead of time and I know we still have plenty of time, but already excited.
    The grounds look beautiful. The beach even though not a long beach like CSA, I think we will still love. The rooms and room service sounds great. So we are very excited to go to CSS. I think we will miss the night time acitvities and the dancing on regular dance floors and an air conditioned disco more than anything. But can't wait to go!! Thanks for your help.
    Mary Ann

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    1) Yes
    2) Yes
    3) No
    4) Yes
    5) Yes
    Jeff (Mandynjeff)

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    1 I have seen men in shorts at Pallazino

    2 Yes - if you have signed up for Romance Rewards - if you preregister you get your invitation when you check in - otherwise let them know at the front desk when you check in

    3 No

    4 Cassonova and Pallazino have both indoor AC or outdoor terrace options. The Balloon Bar also has AC and the repaters dinner is AC as well.

    5 Probably depends on the time of year you go - we go in the summer and never have a problem getting one after out morning dive.

    6. Yes night of the beach party.


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    We too started at CSA and then tried CSS. Love them both for different reasons. I do have to confess that when we come to Couples it is to be with each other, so we generally avoid the kind of nightlife you mention.

    1. Shorts are always fine at lunch. I think nice shorts are ok in the evening...but can't remember.
    2. Yes, any Couples stay qualifies you as a repeater and nights at all 4 resorts combine for your RR level.
    3. No, at least not as of 2008.
    4. All inside spaces are air conditioned. Both reservation restaurants have indoor & outdoor seating. Casanova's indoor seating is completely enclosed, while Palazzina's has areas that can be kind of indoor/outdoor. The rec room/internet room is also usually cold. Can't speak of the gym facilities.
    5. Palapas seem to be an issue everywhere. I actually walked around after the Gala and saw books and towels under some! That said, we never had a problem finding shade or chairs. Sometimes you have to drag your chair to the spot you like, no biggie! There are palapas at Sunset Beach too, and plenty of shade.
    6. I don't know about the talent night. We found that the activity folks and what they offered were very different on our 2 visits. In 2007 they were very present and busy. Not so much in 2008. There is usually some kind of entertainment around the lobby pool every night (music, fashion show, "newlywed game", etc)

    The beach at CSA is beyond compare, but CSS is SO romantic. It has the fewest rooms, so it never feels crowded. And the many secluded paths and hot tubs and secrets nooks & hammocks give it the feeling of a real tropical escape. BTW, if you like massage you will be in heaven when you have one there. All massages are done in these amazing huts overlooking the ocean. Obviously, you can't see the ocean while you're lying there, but you can feel the breeze from the large window opening and hear the surf crashing on the rocks. Truly special!

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    Looks like everyone has pretty well answered your questions.

    My husband and I will be at CSS in January 2011 also. I have only been there once on a Trading Places day from CTI, and I'm so looking forward to a full week there.

    I don't think you'll be disappointed.

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    1. Bob wore dress shorts at Palazzina at both lunch and dinner.

    2. Yes, we had stayed at CSA, too, before trying CSS. We just pre-registered with Romance Rewards prior to check in and our invitation was waiting for us upon arrival.

    3. No casino.

    4. Both Palazzina and Casanova have indoor, air-conditioned dining rooms in addition to terrace dining. In January, we found it quite comfortable to eat outside.

    5. We never had any problem finding chairs at CSS, no matter what time we got to the beach. Not sure about shade, but textile beach never seemed crowded (we went there in January '09).

    6. Yes, the night of the beach party (Tuesday).

    We fell in love with CSS after visiting CSA. The jogging trail around the pond is beautiful - views of the sea and mountains.


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    I think all your questions were answered. The only advice I have is that if you have any needs find Lij (otherwise know to me as Antonio) at the service desk. He will make whatever you want or need happen.
    We found that if you were on the beach by 8 a.m. you could get chairs, tables and cover. After 9a.m. chairs are no problem, but tables are limited and you won't find shade.

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