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    Default cigar shop next to CSA?

    any recommendations for a place that sells good cigars within walking distance from CSA? i know most of the little beach shops sell them but looking for recommendations. thanks.

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    If you are at CSA on Beach Nite there is a Cigar guy that is there. You can bill to your room.

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    They have cigars in the gift shop at SweptAway, for what its worth. There is also a Cigar King along the beach toward Negril; you can also walk the other way (past the "B" resort) and check out the humidor at Cosmo's.

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    I think Shaun at the Stop n Shop ( ??)
    2 doors down sells them
    There are better ones from the vendors who come to the resort on Friday nights, and maybe another night as well.

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    I'm assuming they have the same guy come to the resort that CN does. The more you buy, the more of a deal you can get. There is also one at the little shopping mall they take you to. He is also very reasonable. If you want, I've got an e-mail address of the guy who has the stand at CTI...his cousin does CN and maybe CTI. Anyway, he gave us a spectacular deal! We are going to contact him before our next trip to have some boxes at CN by the time we arrive because the Monte Cristos go quick. He even brought the boxes still sealed so we knew they were the real deal. Best part is if you get them at the resort you can charge them to your room!!!

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    JA is not a hot bed for cigars-
    ganja yes cigars not so much .... As a hedge i would suggest you purchase what you like from your local cigar shop and bring them with you. The you can always purchase a stick from a local vendor and worst case if they are not up to your liking you have your own supply. Sitting on a negril beach with a plugged or stale cigar is no fun...

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    thanks to everyone for the info. i would like to smoke a "real" cuban while i'm there and maybe bring some back. i've read alot of the previous cigar posts and it seems that my best bet would be to buy them at the CSA gift shop. so am i correct in saying that most of the cubans from local beach stores are fakes? are the CSA cubans without a doubt real cubans? i dont mind paying more at CSA if i know im getting the real deal.
    thanks again.

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    It is hard to get a "real" Cuban in Jamaica. We bought some from several stores, that seemed to be authentic, got them home, did some research, and they were fakes. Not bad or stale tasting ( according to my husband), but still fakes. I have since talked to several people on Trip Advisor asking about where to get the "real deal" Cubans in Negril, and no one has a good suggestion. We never looked at the cigars in the gift shop at CSA, so I am not sure what they have. I would think, if they claim to have Cubans, they should be real. I did get a recommendation for a Jamaican Cigar that some of the cigar smokers claim is very good, it is Adduci Cigars - . Good Luck

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