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    Default CN Entertainment

    I know about the piano bar on most nights, but does CN have band throughout the week? Breezes featured a live show on several nights and I'm hoping CN has similar entertainment... mixology classes, variety shows, etc

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    Default CN entertainment...

    We just returned from CN. We found that the house band, Sweet Sensations, starts playing during dinner on the stage in the Cassava Terrace Restaurant. Typically at 9:00, another form of entertainment comes on stage. Sometimes, the house band continues to play with them, sometimes not. There even was a gentleman that came on as a third act a few different nights. Some evenings, there is a different activity going on at the Piano bar simultaneously(music trivia, karaoke, etc.) Keep in mind, Thursday evening is bonfire on the beach night and they have a wonderul singer(Moses) sitting on a stool on the beach near the fire performing. He was REALLY good! ALL OF THE ENTERTAINMENT WAS VERY GOOD AT CN!

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    Yes there is a band every night. This year was different then last...we thought actually better. It would be nice if they had a more traditional reggae band though. Sometimes during lunch there is a different band...all acoustic and very good. On the beach party they have a steel drum band and then there is a guy who plays during the bonfire. I think his name is David...lovely voice...very romantic. At the piano bar, they mix it up every night. Some nights is's sing-a-long, sometimes karaoke, sometimes dance party (a little bit of everything).
    What I think is fun is that even though the staff probably hear the same songs over and over, the still sing along and dance behind the bar. It's always fun.

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    Hi DaveClark ! When we were there they had alot of entertainment in The Cassava Terrace Restaurant at night.
    What they have when you're going to be there i don't know, but contact the resort and i know that they'll give you all the info you need.


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    Just back from B and CN and the house band at B was a joke - and the games and such at the beach party tacky IMO. Yuck.

    CN OTOH had a really good band and a beach party that was worth going to - and we normally skip these things.

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    Default Beach Party?

    So is the Beach Party at CN on Thursday night?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sun Kissed View Post
    So is the Beach Party at CN on Thursday night?

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    Default Beach Party

    The information sheet for CN states: THURSDAY - 8:45 Fire Man Performs on the beach; 9:00 Beach Party; 10:00 Bonfire with was a great evening!

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    Who was the musician that played with Fire Man last Thursday?
    Got home and can't remember but enjoyed the music very relaxing.

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