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    Default No Box Springs, Just Wooden Slats?

    Tell me it isn't so! lol I have bursitis in both hips and I sleep on my side(s), and I'm worried that without a box spring it will be too hard for me. I know, you're all saying, "So don't sleep on your sides". But I have no control over it when I'm asleep. lol

    Hope to be doing a split between CN and CSA in November/December this year!

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    I can only speak to CSA, and I cannot speak to the construction of the bed as I've never paid attention, but I find the beds comfortable. I've never felt they were hard. I actually think they are softer than most beds I've slept in at all-inclusives. They aren't pillow-top or anything, but they certainly aren't hard where you have no spring/give like some of the places I've stayed (cough...Mexico...cough).

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    I read the review that mentioned the bed construction (really, time4usnow? ;-) ... just kidding). I just read it and moved on, without a thought.

    But I can say that both of us sleep VERY well on the beds at SweptAway; but then we don't have the issues you describe. We do find the beds very comfortable, however.

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    I just had back surgery about a 4 weeks before my trip to CN and the bed in our room 1105 was fantastic very comfortable, soft and plush I slept like a baby

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    Between back, hip and knee problems I have a very hard time sleeping no matter which position I sleep in. The times I have spent in those beds are the best nights sleep I have gotten. We are ready to put the slats on our beds at home they are so comfortable. Enjoy your vacation all is good!!!!!!

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    I've not been to couples yet but I would say not to worry about it for a few reasons.

    one, the good folks here on the board all seem to have had no troubles with the beds, and since we've never been I guess we'll just have to trust them! ;-)

    two, I am also a side sleeper and I actually have a platform bed without a boxspring at home, with just the wooden slates like at couples, and it's very very comfy. just because there isn't a boxspring doesn't mean the bed won't be soft and forgiving!

    three, I'm willing to bet that with all of the activities going on (lounging in a chair drinking rum is hard work!) plus the soporific effects of the sea and sun... you'll probably be asleep before your head hits the pillow every night!

    so with all of that, all I have to say to you now is have a great vacation, and I hope your countdown goes by quickly!!! :-D

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    By the time you're done drinking and swimming, and laying in the sun, and horizontal dancing, you won't care what the bed is made out of, just as long as you can crawl into it and pass out.

    I don't sleep well in hotel beds, but the ones at CSA rarely give me much of a problem.
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    I have insomnia, and I found the beds at CSA to be a special treat. Not only soft and comfortable, but they are a large King-size and I'm used to a Queen-sized, so my wife and I slept soundly without bumping into each other all night!

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    I can only recall the beds in the beachfront verandah suites at CSA. Can't remember CSS. But, to confirm what you read, there are no boxsprings on these beds. I travel every week for work, and sleep in different hotel rooms all the time. I'm not a super fussy sleeper, but I do think the CSA beds are comfortable, not too hard, not too soft. But then again, I could be sleeping well at CSA because I'm on vacation, with hubby by my side, with a cool Jamaican breeze coming in through our verandah doors.

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    @randi - I also have bursitis in both hips. I also have arthritis in the right one, and in my sacroiliac joint. (And I'm only 35. Sheesh.) Needless to say, I have a tough time sleeping in a bed that's not mine.

    I don't know if it's the sun, the sea air, the exercise (ahem), or the rum, but I know that I sleep like a baby while at CSA. (Can't speak for CN, never been...)

    I quite literally feel your pain. But don't worry a bit. You'll be fine and sleep well.

    Now the pillows on the other hand.... I've often thought of taking my own pillow, but never have room in the luggage.

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    Thank you everyone! Question answered! I just can't wait to get on that beach, followed by getting on that bed! lol Everything is Irie!

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    Default It is so but no problem mon!

    Quote Originally Posted by randijean46 View Post
    Tell me it isn't so! lol I have bursitis in both hips and I sleep on my side(s), and I'm worried that without a box spring it will be too hard for me. I know, you're all saying, "So don't sleep on your sides". But I have no control over it when I'm asleep. lol

    Hope to be doing a split between CN and CSA in November/December this year!
    I did not examine the construction with a fine tooth comb, but what I described was pretty accurate. They seem to have a "pillow top" about 2 inches in thickness which sits on top of a comfortable mattress which in turn sits on top of a series of wooden slats which are designed to hold the mattress off the floor. You should be just fine as many have described, it just may take a night or two to get accustomed to the setup, if you do not (like me) use back supports on your box spring/mattress setup at home. To be fair, I had just wiped out on that lovely wet snow at home onto the concrete about a week before leaving and so I may have been feeling some residual effects on my back (I don't have back issues ordinarily. Having said that, my wife did a bit of complaining for the first 2 nights, but seemed to get better adjusted by the 3rd night. Apparently firmer beds are better for your back, but if you are unaccustomed, they might take some adjustment.
    Trust me. I know what a hard and cheap bed feels like and this is not hard and cheap. It is a decent mattress and management have obviously maximized comfort by adding the "pillow top" cover. On my honeymoon 35 years ago, the mattress was so hard that we slept on the hideabed or THAT's hard!
    I certainly didn't mean to cause you any distress.
    I would be curious to see your response when you return. If anybody else has a knowledge of the bed design, I would like to know what you observed and that I didn't miss something?

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    The beds at CTI have box springs, so knowing Couples, all the resorts should have them.
    Irie Mon

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    Have not been to CN yet but CSA 3 times. The beds are heaven! CSS once and CTI once. I love the beds. Bad knee during two trips, knee replacement before one. Shoulder problem during them all. Never had a sleep issue.

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    the beds were a little hard for me. not all that comfortable. at home we have the extra soft type with a huge pillow top. everyone's taste is different so it has to be hard to pick beds at a hotel. you can't please everyone. what i really didn't like were the pillows. i can't remember if they were down or not but they were hard and flat. my neck hurt so bad every day. i have neck problems to begin with so i am really thinking about bringing my own pillow this time. it will be a bit of a pain to bring it but with our red eye flights i might be happier with it on the way there anyway.

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    our bed at CSA was the most comfortable thing i have ever slept in!

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    I don't think anyone is questioning your description of the beds' construction. This IS something I've never seen anyone comment about, which is one thing I found unique about your review (still a great job, btw... one of the better done reviews I've seen here... ever). I was just surprised to see that someone actually checked!

    Our first night on resort generally is a bit restless, and I'm not sure if its from the stress of travel, or if its the cacophony of night critters, which is something we don't get here in Wisconsin, even in the heat of summer. Its NEVER because of the bed, I'm sure.

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