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    Default CN -CSA beach question

    ok thus far we have been pulled to book CN however, i have read that the beach i bigger at CSA and nightlife is almost non existent at CN . so my question is this, how long is the CN beach and is there really no night life at CN we like to meet and party a little at night as we typically don't go to bed early. after all we are celebrating a bit thanks so much!

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    Both are beautiful and you can take long walks at CN just as easily as at CSA. We walked the length of Bloody Bay one to 2 times a day last week and it took about an hour round trip.

    My husband prefers the privacy of the beach at CN. For me, I love them both.

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    CN beach is about two and half miles end to end it is crecent shape and CSA is about 7 miles, if you want much nicer water than CN is better, if you want to take a long walk than CSA is for you, we walked CN beach twice each morning and twice each afternoon. Also the reaorts are not very far apart if you feel you want to be on 7 mile beach for night life you can take about a 4 1/2 minute cab ride to the area where CSA is from CN. If you are looking for nightlife and being involved with the locals as we did than you will need to cab it to those locations no matter which resort you are at.

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    What I don't know... nightlife at CN, nor for that matter, after 11 at SweptAway (we cash it in by then).

    What I DO know... the beach is MUCH longer at SweptAway... the beach is nominally deeper at CN.

    Also, and this is a fact, the remainder of 7-Mile Beach is much more accessible from SweptAway... because it is on the "unbroken" expanse of that beach.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    thank you ......that helps greatly! especially knowing that we can always grab a cab to other beach if we wish. CN has a bit of a stronger hold on us... thanks for the help!

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    Yes indeed,CSA's beach is longer while CN's beach is deeper..CN's beach has many more seagrape and palm trees on it..CN's beach looks like a south Pacific beach..To me CN's beach is "the" beach of Negril.

    Never heard of very much night life at either resort.

    So it's CN for me..Yay


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    If CN is pulling at you, that is the one you have to pick. Go check out CSA on a Trading Places pass while you are at CN and at least you can see what it looks like there. You are going to have a blast no matter which one you choose.

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