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    Default CSA excursion and room questions

    We are heading to CSA in July for 4 nights. We have been to Sandals Negril but this is our first time at Couples and I'm very excited.

    I booked an Atrium Suite insead of Garden Verandah and wondering what those who been think of those two rooms. A travel agent just informed me they are adding minifridge to Atrium!!!

    We were also wondering if we should do anything away from the resort. Would love to hear feedback on excursions that are fun!!

    Thanks for all your help!

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    We would definitely opt for the Atrium over the GVS any day of the week. We like the original section... 4 rooms per block instead of 12; lots of lush gardens; and AAAAH that hammock. There is no TV in the Atrium suites, however, so if you must have a TV, you should book the GVS.

    Also, the minifridge in Atrium rooms has been bantered around here for the last few years, so I wouldn't count on anything there. If it happens, great. But don't book thinking that you're gonna get a fridge. Honestly, it's not that important anyway. I promise you won't miss it. We've been in rooms with and without, and realized that we're not booking our room just for a fridge.

    Re: things to do off the resort: definitely do the included Catamaran Cruise. That's a blast. And we just like to wander up the beach and check out the local bars and shops. (If you are going to buy something, haggle like crazy.)

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    For many repeaters, nothing but an Atrium will do.... Having said that, the Garden Veranda's are very nice also.

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    I would recommend hanging at the resort and taking advantage of all the inclusions. With only 4 nights you won't want/need to go off the resort. There are all the water sports you can do: snorkeling, hobie cats, water skiing, kayaking, etc and there is the catamaran cruise also. Plus, there are many on resort activities including tons of gym classes and you can even take free tennis lessons. There is just way too much to do and see while you are there.

    If you do want to get adventurous, just go to the beach and take a right or a left and enjoy different vendors and bars and restaurants. You can walk for miles and really soak in the local flavor.

    I have heard the Atrium Suites are awesome. There is no tv or mini-bar, but it is the only category with a hammock on the verandah. I'm sure you will love it. Have fun! CSA ROCKS!

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    Default randymon

    Is this true about the minifridge's in the Atrium rooms?

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    I also think you'd be wise to NOT hold your breath on the minibar for the Atriums. The fact that the Atriums do not have the minibar is part of the price breakpoint, and thus part of their value, we feel.

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