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    Default just can't decide ..both resorts tugging CN & CSA

    help...i really cant decide and my heart can't either. so here are a few questions that may make the difference
    1. is there really no night life at CN?
    2. how Is the night life at CSA?
    3. how long is the beach at CN?
    4 any other tidbits of differences that might help. thanks

    PLEASE DON'T TELL ME TO FOLLOW MY HEART, (its as confused as the rest of

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    Not sure how long you are going- but perhaps split the trip and stay at both? They are very close to each other.

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    CSA is on the longer stretch of 7 mile beach. You can walk either way for miles and check out the local vendors and businesses. CSA has a night club and nightly entertainment. If you want more than that you would have to cab it somewhere, but you will be close to lots of places at either resort.

    CN is on a bay and you can still walk the beach, but it's not as long and I believe most of the things you'll see while walking is other resorts, so I believe there is more variety walking CSA's beach.

    CN's rooms have a very tropical decor--bright colors, etc. CSA's rooms are very Caribbean classic with lots of wood and white linens. CSA also has the best sports facility on the island. Good luck deciding. Just keep reading reviews and looking at pictures and then one will truly become the one that you can't get out of your mind. Pick that one. CSA ROCKS!!!!

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    This is a very easy one to answer..It's CN...Couples Negril..The resort other resorts try to equal.

    I do not think night life is very big at either CSA or CN.

    Now..Let's talk CN's strong point..CN's beach..CN's beach is like being on your very own south Pacific island..CN's beach is deeper than CSA's and has more palm and seagrape trees on it.CN's beach has less local vendors and it is usually a tad calmer than CSA.

    CN was built from scratch by Couples and they hit the nail on the head..CN's lay out is people friendly..The resort lobby and rooms are built around CN's world famous pool and swim up bar.It looks more like a true Jamerican resort..CSA is so much more spread out and much more walking is required at CSA..CSA's activities and pools are on each end of the resort and across the street..CSA has more places to eat BUT it also has many more rooms.

    So,CN appears IT from my opinion.

    GO.RELAX.ENJOY CN and do not ever look back.
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    Then flip a coin. Use a dart board, spin a bottle...

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    There is some nightlife at both. Much depends on who is there at the time.

    Beach is about 2 miles long at CN and gorgeous! CSA has a public beach which is more active but both are beautiful.

    Big fitness complex at CSA and larger terraces on the rooms.

    I am a huge fan of CSA and have stayed there a half dozen times. We were at CN last week for a very brief stay after staying at a different (and far less wonderful) AI next door as CN was sold out for most of our dates. We were wowed by CN and are considering a switch to that resort for our upcoming trip in 10 weeks. My husband really loved it.

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    We are big CN fans but I really believe that you shouldn't worry about this. Both resorts are awesome. It's a WIN WIN situation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bearso View Post
    Then flip a coin. Use a dart board, spin a bottle...
    You forgot to add another important option: eenie meenie minee mo.....

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    I have not been yet but CSA won my vote for a first time visit!! I want to eventually stay at them all but felt CSA was best for a first timer!! And my decision came after reading that CSA feels more authentic!! A good place for a first timer!! I wonder if you are allowed to cab over to CN just to check it out during our stay at CSA??

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    We were at CSA last week and went to CN for the day. I did like CN but after being at CSA (which seems more vibrant to me)I was glad we choose CSA (sorry Tommy)I did like the Grill and also the fact that they had great music playing at the beach bar at CN something I wish they would do at CSA more.

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    I'll add my two cents worth even though we haven't been to CN yet. We went to CTI for our first Couples experience and our last trip was to CSA. If you want to go and meet people then I suggest CN after reading the boards for the last few years. CN has the centrally located pool where you can hang out and mingle. If you want to have a solitary trip for you and your loved one then I'd choose CSA. We were won over by the strolls through the beautiful grounds, awesome sports/spa complex and daily walks down the beach. At CSA you can also hang out by the pool bar to meet people. We chose to lounge by the water sports shack close to the Sea Grape Cafe and the Palms restaurant. It was quieter and the munchies were excellent. I'm sure that whichever of the two resorts you decide on that you'll have a wonderful time and become a member of the Couples family. Enjoy your time in paradise!

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    AHammon, just sign up for the Romance Rewards program and you can do a Trading Spaces jaunt over to CN. I think they shuttle 10 people over from 10am-4pm on three days of the week. As long as you are signed up, that is one of the perks. Enjoy!

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    We stayed at CSA in November - first time. We loved it. We went over to see CN to make sure we made the right decision and was back within 2 hrs. The people at CN were very nice, very nice pool, everything centralized. But felt overwhelmed by the beach area. While it is deeper it looked so congested. Also, for nighlife, CSA was top notch. Dancing at the beautiful Palms with a great big dance floor. And then a club with another dance floor, and piano lounge and small casino. If walking isn't your thing, thenn CN is better. Everything close at CN. At CSA, it is spread out from one side of the resort to the other. WE did a lot of walking, but was able to enjoy the grounds over and over. Also the rooms - all the rooms set among beautiful lush grounds. Not the same at CN. At least the rooms we saw. My pick is CSA. But just my opinion. CN, as you can see, has a large number of fans too! Either way you can't go wrong with Couples. You can also do a split, or just visit whichever one you don't stay at to see where you want to go next time. Our next stop is CSS. Good luck. You will have a great time.
    Mary Ann

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    Thanks Ron, I forgot that one. They could also pick straws or draw a name out of a hat!

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    You will be happy either way ....... REALLY! We went to CSA first after visiting some other AI's in Negril & fell in love with it. The next year we went to CN & LOVED it even more. They are both FABULOUS, though. We just prefer the quieter bay at CN & the more compact layout ...... other people love CSA being on the longer stretch of beach & more spread out. Like was said previously ........ It's WIN WIN either way you go. Pick one & try the other next time ........ because there will be a next time once you've been there.

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    PLEASE DON'T TELL ME TO FOLLOW MY HEART, (its as confused as the rest of

    Ok..I did not tell you to follow your heart..I told you to follow my heart and inside my heart is the resort of resorts CN..Couples Negril

    CN...Couples Negril...Oh,how I love typing these words.

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    You could also do rock, paper, scissors!!!

    Doug and Sue Anne....May 8-15 at CN!!!!!

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    We have been to CN 4 times and the last time we did a trading spaces with CSA. While we found CSA to be a very nice resort we did find that we compared the two the entire day. These are a few of the differences we found.
    1. The beach...CN, wide and not crowded, beautiful calm waters, CSA, long and narrow, more traffic.
    2. Long walk from one end to the other at CSA, CN is all centrally located
    3. CN has the most awesome huge pool, CSA has two small pools, one on each end.
    4. Tho CSA has more restaurants, CN has plenty of choices and its all very good.
    5. Very people friendly at CN, didn't feel that at CSA, tho we were only there for 6 hours.
    We could stay at CSA and have a very nice vacation. After all it is still couples, but why would we? CN is home away from home to us. We absolutly love the place. We stayed there our first trip to Jamaica and we are spoiled I guess. No matter where we go we compare it to CN and nothing has even come close to being as wonderful. Chose CN you will love it.

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    I don't know if this will help or not, but although you always hear about CN's pool, I think CN's beach is wonderful. Our first Couples stay was right after New Year's, for 3 nights - we stayed at another resort chain for 9 nights, and couldn't get the room category we wanted there for the last 3, so decided to try Couples. I loved the beach from the first time I saw it, but on our last full day I totally fell in love with it, and we almost missed dinner due to my reluctance to leave the beach. The water, the palm trees, everything is perfect. That said, we are trying out CSA in July, and probably CSS in December. But we will return to CN.


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    I LOVE CSA! I love it so much that I have been in tears all week because my Husband and I were unable to go this year ( he has work/school/clinical time). We have been 4x's, got married there, and it is OUR home away from home. That being said, You will love wherever you go... You can't go wrong with a couples resort!

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    Well atlanticeyes what gives? It's been a full week of recommendations for you to digest. Is it CN or CSA? Enquiring minds want to know...LOL.

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    what about pick a number between ???
    Phone a friend?
    poll the audience?
    short end of stick?
    close your eyes and point?
    heck let me choose for you!!
    Or why not go to CSS or CTI and neither of them win so many choices

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