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    Default Secret Rendezvous Question

    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Hi all -- hubby and I have been to Swept Away twice: once for our honeymoon two years ago and last year for our birthdays. We're looking to go back and are considering the Secret Rendezvous, for price reasons. I'm wondering if anyone has done it, done it recently -- if it worked out, you enjoyed it. I think I could be happy at any of the Couples resorts. Which one did you get, if you went. I'm sure they all have they same great food, service, atmosphere, etc. Any help?

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    The Secret Rendezvous is a great deal. We have done it twice and got CSS both times. You can now use your Romance Rewards perks with the Secret Rendezvous so it is even better. The only Couples Resort we haven't stayed at is Swept Away but they are all great!

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    Yes we did it last year and loved it. We stayed at CSS and it was more than expected. We didn't have anything to compare it to so it wasn't a big deal. We're going in September to Swept Away.
    My friends just did the Secret Rendevousz and like you had been at CSA twice. This is what they had to say:

    Like the beach at CSA better because they love to walk the beach. CSS has a small beach but very cozy & private. To me it was fine, we just veg out & don't do the walking thing.

    Food Loved the restaurants, loved the formal night on the lawn
    (CSA doesn't have that) Loved having Room Service for everything not just breakfast & snacks ( you can order a 5 course meal & have it delivered) The attention was more at CSS since its smaller you almost feel after a few days you know everyone. But if it's about saving money, like they said how can you go wrong ! They loved the fact they now have been to all of them (did the day trip to CTI) If CSA was the same price they would go back but picking the Secret Rendevousz was well worth it. I'm sure you would be happy with anyone you get.

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    We have done the SR twice. We were sent to CN the first time (November 2005) and CSS the second time (June 2007). We too started our Couples' travels at CSA for our honeymoon and rebooked CSA last summer for our 5 year anniversary. CSA is our favorite, but we had a great time at both of the other resorts and if it ever came down to price being the determining factor as to whether we could return to Couples in a particular year, we would not hesitate to do the SR again!

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    Default We did the SR in May 2009

    We did the SR in May of this year for the first time to save some $$$'s & we ended up at CSS. We have been to CSA once in 2003 & to CN 4 times since that so were happy to get to try one of the other resorts & to stay on the Ocho Rios side of the island. We've been going to Negril almost every year since 1998 so change is good.

    We thought CSS was a GORGEOUS resort & aren't disappointed that we did the SR at all but next time we will spend the extra money & head back to CN. We REALLY missed the beach on the Negril side. At CSS, the beach was nice but the sand was brown & it was small. We knew that going in so expected it but didn't know how much we would miss the beach at CN or CSA - Both of which are amazing. We also both missed the drinks that we LOVE at CN because none of the bartenders at the pool bar or beach bar at CSS knew what we were talking about when we ordered the drinks from the CN menu that we always have. They also did not have daily drink specials & we like that at CN & CSA. There were a few other things that we like better at CN - like the beach grill - their jerk chicken is THE BEST & I like having cheese fries or nachos every afternoon which they did not have at CSS.

    We'd definitely still do the SR if we had it to do over because it was fun checking out CSS but next time we're headin' home to CN.

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    Hello... what is this "secret renezvous" you are all speaking of?? sounds interesting...

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    The SR, is basically not knowing where you are going, you just know that it will be Couples.

    We have never done the SR, because we are stuck on CTI.

    You can do the SR, IMHO, if your not going to be disappointed with which ever resort you get. I, myself, am to much of a control freak to do it LOL

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    Hi Freak, sr is you get a good deal on the price and Couples picks the resort for you. You find out which one 7 days before you go.We did it last winter and ended up at CSS also. We also missed the large beach at CSA but CSS is beautiful and the service was outstanding! If you are looking to save some money, try it.We figure we saved over a thousand dollars.

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    The Secret Rendezvous is a special offer allowing you to book a trip with Couples at a better rate than any of the room rates. There are two catches though.

    #1. You have to be able to travel within a short amount of time (you can generally only book about 2 months ahead).

    #2. You do not choose the resort or room. Couples chooses your resort for you and you will find out 7 days before your trip to which resort you will be going. The room to which you are assigned is "run of the house" which means you get what ever is available...and it is usually the lowest category...but you paid less than everyone else going anyway.

    It is a great travel option if you want to book a last minute trip, really want to save some $$$, and would love to go to any of Couples' resorts.

    For more info, check out the "Hot Deals" tab at the top of the page.

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    Default back to question

    I know that some of you have been explaining the SR re: Isa's question, but still looking for any responses from those who have tried the SR. Did you enjoy it? Did it work for you? Have some people got resorts other than CSS? I'm still concerned about the stairs at CSS, but willing to give it a try since it sounds beautiful. Any additional comments re: SR?

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    My wife and I went this past January and were sent to CSS and enjoyed it very much. We usually stay at Swept Away and it was like a new adventure to go on. You will love it over all.

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    Thanks for the info!! sounds like a good deal! Might be a good way to toss in a second trip during the year...

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    what would not work? the SR is pretty clearly stated you save $$ and you are booked at one of the 4 resorts a week before you leave based on wherre couples has the greatest need.
    Being 2009 there is a enough info just here to understand the pro and cons of each resort and thepro and cons of ochi v negril
    i think some concerns would be if you wish to partake in the AN experience and get CSA you are " stuck" so calculate your risk accordingly
    Did you enjoy it ? well i would think if based on your reseach there was one resort that you believe you would "not enjoy" the the concept of the SR would not be for you. With all due respect it is a pretty basic fomrula.
    if you want to save $$ and are open to any of the 4 (1005) it is a great deal ( no risk high reward). If you want to save $$ and are open to 3 of the 4 ( 75%)then it is an ok deal ( low - med risk v high reward)
    If you must have a logn walkable beach then 2 of the 4 resorts would not be applicable (50%) and you would be looking at high risk medium reward

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