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    Default July 10th thru 17th

    Hey All,
    It is OFFICAL!!! We are coming HOME for the 3rd time to Swept Away!! I know my buddy Papa Dukes is in for the 2nd time...anyone else going to be there the same week? 1st round of Bob Marley's are on US!! Coming from Pittsburgh- Dennis 41 and Tracy 37. We will be there for Tracy's birthday!! Anyone else join us for the PARTY?????

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    Default About time

    Well, it is about time you finally booked. Jeanne and I (Steve) thought you may not make it. We are so happy we will see our friends again and looking forward to making new ones. See you there.

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    Hey Bud....yep..we will be there!! Had to wait for the right
    For all of you that will be there the same week...I have posted a pic from last year to show you all where we will be if you want to have fun with us!
    I tried posting a pic of the Dentrac (on the left) and Papdukes (on the right) Hope it worked. See you all soon!!!
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    Is NOBODY else going to be there this week???? Papadukes...we have the place to ourselves!!!!!!

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    We will be there!!! July 11-July 18

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    Hey mikeand jen....welcome....where from??? 105 more days! Almost double digit dance time!

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    We are from Jersey! 105 days??? That seems so long! Hopefully it goes by fast!

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    Default still alive? You still coming to Party or what?
    Doing the DOUBLE DIGIT DANCE right now!!!! CANT WAIT to be HOME again!!
    We are looking forward to a well deserved vacation!!

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    I'm still here Dennis and we are ready to party as well as chill out. I'm getting nervous however about the Air Jamaica mess and starting to stress. 1st thing I'm doing when I get there, is getting a Bob Marley

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    Have you been drinking those since last year Steve? We all know how you handle!! You better print out the map, so you dont get lost again this 95 days and counting. Who else is in for this week????

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    We are coming on the 10th as well. Our first time!!!!

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    WOW, 2 Bob Marley's and you get a reputation. Can't get lost this year at CSA. Moved up to BFVS. One path from the pool bar to all the amenities at CSA up to the Palms and around the corner from the Great house. I am getting jamaicamecrazy already. We should arrive by 2-3pm and after settling in, we will be at the swimup bar for the BOB
    Looking forward to meeting Mrs(andMr)Robertstobe and MikeandJen and all the mid July folks. Romance and fun. Irie

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    Default Miss all the fun folks

    We're going to be there July 4th - 11th. It looks like we're going to miss all the fun people!! :-(

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    Well...if the shoe!! stole OUR room I have a bad case of Jamaican Fever..we cant wait! We will have a good buzz by that time. You know where to find me upon arrival!!
    Hey Robertstobe and guys have any pics so we know who you guys are? Looks like a good crowd this year! Cant wait!! See you all in 92 days!!

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    This is us from 2 years ago at Couples Negril! Can't wait to take new pictures! See you in 3 months! Let me know if you can see the picture. Not sure if I did it right.
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    Hey mikeandjen...good to put a name with a face! YOu guys are getting in the same day as Papadukes...he is a jersey boy too...but now in FL. Nice to see you guys. We will be there we will hold a spot for you at the pool bar. The picture above is where we spend our days after 10am...see you there...double digit dance time until we are HOME. Irie!

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    Hey Dentrac can I have some tips on ho to add a phot, I can't seem to do it. Thanks!!

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    Hey Dentrac, or anyone else that can help. Do you have tips on how to get a photo on here? I am not getting anywhere. Thanks xx

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    This is us. Vikki and Leo. xx

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    This is us. Vikki and Leo. xx
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    Well, well, well.... Dentrac - Papa Dukes - Joepa and I will be there too! HA Dennis - AKA BHL... I'll let you do the explaining to the rest of the bunch on that one! 87 days and counting!

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    Hey MrsRobersToBe...nice to meet and see you guys. I hope you guys are ready for a FUN week. The picture above is where you can find us.
    Wow....SherryJoPa made it...WOOHOO!! Oh are the BHL and YOU can explain in person! I cant beleive you guys are coming with us!!!!!!!!
    They better stock up on Miller Lite! 1st Bob Marley's are on me!!!!!!!

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    Mr. BHL should be your name and no, you started the crap so it's ALL you! Can't wait! Bringing the catalogs tonight so Tracy and I to do a little Victoria Secret shopping before we go! Can you hear the whistles?!?!

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    Can not wait to find out what BHL means! Tracy and Sherry, you need to call Jeanne and share your VS selections or better yet you all come to So. Fla for a pre tanning party at the beach and the pool. I'll put the Miller Lite on ice. Looking forward to meeting more sixburgers and everyone else. 86 days IRIE

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    Default dont get the L part...that is YOU!!!!
    You have to find out in person papadukes!! Hey...that sounds like a paying for the!!!!
    I hope everyone is going ready to have a blast...cant wait to meet you all!! 85 more days till we come HOME....

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