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    Default CTI Bottled Water in Mini Fridge

    We stayed at CSS 2 years ago and they had bottled water in our mini fridge. We are honeymooning at CTI next month and I was wondering if the mini fridge in our one bedroom ocean view suite will have bottled water. I looked on the website and it says beer, wine and champagne. I usually bring a mug to fill with water for during the day. If the fridge will have bottles then I can leave my mug at home. Thanks!

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    No worries, and leave the mug at home. CTI new renovation, gives each guest a Couples water bottle, like a Nalgene bottle. And there are water filling stations on each of the floors. Pretty cool idea, and the fountains are realy pretty as well.
    Enjoy your stay.

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    CTI now has water bottles they they give to each guest and you can fill them with filtered water. It's part of their going green campaign so they don't waste so many plastic bottles. If you click on the accommodation link, then click "View Room" on the Premier Ocean, there is a picture of the water bottles on the dresser. Here's the link:
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    They will give you two Couples water bottles that you can use all week and take home with you....

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    No bottled water at CTI.. They have gone green. We just got back (march 15) and they gave us reusable water bottles as a perk. However it would have been nice if they had put them in the rooms on arrival. We didn't get them until the 4th day. That worked great. We transferred to CSS on our 4th day and they still had bottled in frig.
    Congratulations and enjoy your time there!

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    To the best of my knowledge (haven't stayed in a suite to have a mini frig) CTI no longer offers bottled water. The reason is they are working to go green. In place of bottle water they are giving each couple a set of refillable water bottles in their room upon arrival. There are fountains off the lobby and you can also fill them at the self serve soda fountain at the grill. Bartenders will also give you ice and water. These are souvenir bottles with the Couples Logo on them. When we were there in July, they were clear with the logo and stainless steel bottom and top with a strap that connects to the lid.

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    When you arrive there will be a couple of handy dandy refillable collectible water bottles in your room that you can fill throughout the resort or at the bars. No need to bring your own.

    Reminder when you get home to not put the bottle in the dishwasher as the printing on the bottle will come off.
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    Default water

    They give you a water bottle that can be filled at any bar with water are juice.

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    We were just at CTI Feb 27-March 6. They were out of water bottles. At times the bar staff brought glasses of water. We even asked for a bottle on the last day and they were still out.

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    Default no water bottles

    We were at TI from 2/28-3/7/10 and were told they were out of the water bottles and waiting for a delivery. When we left the delivery still hadn't showed up so no water bottles! We did leave our home address but still no water bottles! A nice young lady at the desk mentioned that some people that had gotten bottles earlier and then lost them got new bottles!? Does this seem right?

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