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    Default We are booked! CSA here we come!

    We are finally booked for CSA Oct 23-29, 2010 in a beachfront verandah suite!

    We went to book about a month with a travel agent whom made a major mistake! She quoted us a price which I confirmed with her the day before we booked. When I called to book she said the flights went up $30/each which was fine for us. When I went to give her my credit card number I asked to confirm the price and she said well let me see here and I heard her calculating. She came back with the price and it was more than $700 what she initally quoted me. I asked, well how much did you say the flights went up and she responded only $30/each. I then told her there was a major price difference from the email she sent me the day before. Then all of a sudden she was like "oops, I know what I did, I only quoted you for one airfare not two." SERIOUSLY! She then had the nerve to ask if I still wanted to book at the new price without offering any discount for her error. I was like "um, no!". She then called me back 15 minutes later and said if WE were flexible with our dates she found it for $70 cheaper. I'm sorry but $70 does not make up for a $700 mistake on her part and having me be flexible with my vacation. Needless to say we didn't end up booking with her or will we in the future.

    We ended up booking with another company and they have been excellent with everything. We can't wait!

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    Good for you guys!..I am soo excited for you. Yow will love Swept Away!
    We will be back in Dec for our third trip..
    I can't wait to read your review..
    ~Swept Away soon come!.<3

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    Just wondering what you finally paid compared to the first TA's price? I always book online myself and never know if I could do better with at TA...

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    You can email me at I can give you the name of a TA that will save you hundreds.

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