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    Default Random CTI breakfast question

    Does CTI have the made to order omelettes for breakfast? That was DH's favorite food item at CN and he's hoping they have the same thing at CTI.

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    Yes they do. They will make your eggs any way you like.
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    There is an omelette station at each of the four resorts.
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    Yes, they do! My husband got one almost every morning

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    The breakfast buffet at CTI is similar to CN. There are definitely omletts made to order.

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    CTI absolutely has "made to order omelettes for breakfast". I'm sure your DH will love them!

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    Of course they do. Enjoy.

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    Yes, they have the omelette station at CTI. Some mornings my husband and I would not want an omelette, so we would just ask for 2 eggs over medium. So pretty much any way you want you eggs they will make them for you at the station. Hope you guys have a wonderful vacation. You will love CTI. We can't wait to get back home!

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    Thanks! I thought so, but I wanted to confirm. That is his favorite meal of the day and he never gets tired of those. Same thing every morning!

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