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    Default Tommywommy week at CN....Yay me...Hugs

    Yes indeed,Tommywommy week is rapidly approaching..I am so looking forward to returtning to my original Couples home CN.

    It's been three long years since our last visit so we are very excited.

    Could we see old friends at CN during this week?Like maybe Jean,Jim,Trish,Jack,Mr Art,Ms CN(Francine),Pretty Cathy and John?

    I am a tad nervous about returning to CN..I have heard of several minor changes but I heard for the most part,the changes are good.

    Employees!!!!!!!!!!!!!Who is left that we know?Who will remember old Tommywommy and Peggyweggy?

    Anyway..Let's get it done April 10-17,2010
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    I am so excited about returning to CN.
    I feel like a newbie.


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    we are with ya, our second time is this April 2nd! worried it won't live up to our first visit last April...have to stop worrying! last year 7 days, this year 13.....enough said!

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    ironranger..CN is in blood..I truly fell in love with CN on my very first visit back in 2005..

    I plan on enjoying every minute of my time there.

    CN...Couples Negril...April 10-17,2010


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    Tommywommy - Know you will be busy having a good time but give us a post every now and then to let us know what you are doing at CN.

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    I'll try and find you on the 10th.....we arrive the 2nd....I'll wear my april fools hat.....

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    ironranger...Try hard to find me..You will be wearing your yellow April Fools cap?...I will also be wearing a bright yellow cap that looks like an April Fool cap..I am a 64 year young fat man with a beautiful long haired blonde on my arm.

    Looking forwarding to swapping hugs.

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    A couple of Yellow fellows at the swim up bar, what could be more fun......we will be kind of like a beacon to lost travelers! That will be our Mission! LOL

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    Yes, Indeed, Tommy! It's gonna be great!!!!!! Looking forward to trying CN and seeing you and Peggy, and the other April Fools. I have my April Fools visor packed, and we will greet you two with lots of hugs!

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    Pretty Cathy...Peggy and I very happy you and John dropped the other resort to join us at CN...Couples Negril.
    We will see you two on the 11th.

    Hugs from 10 0 C

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    We will be there in SPIRIT... We are so happy you are going HOME to CN. Otherwise the CN family might start to think you are an urban legend or something.

    LOVE and HUGS!

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    Tommywommy is returning to where it all happened...I am returning to the resort that change my life forever..To the resort that was responsible for me having so many dear hugging friends all across America and overseas.

    CN...Couples Negril...Where strangers MET and became life long hugging friends...Right leoconnor?
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    Default Everybody watch out here gome the Hugs!

    Back to our first home, good for you and Peggy!

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    Hey Tommy what time do you land.... we land at

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    Nazie...Our dear friends Nazie and Cool Carl....This trip will NOT be the same without you two..It will be our first trip to Couples without you and we are sad you are not going..We will miss you two.

    Ron..I saw that you and Tracey were flying in on the 17th and staying at CSA..I was hoping we would meet at the Couples airport lounge BUT we arrive around 12:30..If we do another Trading Places Day to CSA,I will find you.Have fun my friend and take me some pictures...Your pictures are the BEST ever.


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    Default tommywommy

    Please e-mail me using wayne's e-mail. It is My e-mail allows me to receive but not to send out? Where is my best friend. He would fix this is a moment. love, Kim Robinson

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    Default tommywommy

    Please e-mail me using Wayne's address. I can send out but not receive mail to mine. the address is Need to speak to you. Kim Robinson

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    Our Very Dear Kim..I have emailed you..

    Special hugs to Kim

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