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    For all you brides and second brides (I'm renewing my vows), I received a response from the Regional Spa Manager regarding the type of makeup they use at the salons. I have sensitive skin, so I was worried about having them use their makeup for my vow renewals. I was told that they use Repachage, a product made in the US and is a seaweed based product. You can find out more information on their website, The makeup is actually mineral based, which is what I use every day. I thought I would pass this along to any others who might want to know what they would be using for makeup. I hope everyone has a great ceremony!


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    Sorry, it's Repechage at I apologize for the typo!

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    THanks Carina!! We appreciate the info! I love these message boards for this exact reason. Thoughtful people like you who are willing to help others out so we can learn. Its just fantastic. Thanks again!

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    Thanks for the info

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