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    Default Which Couples is right for us?

    We are going on our Honeymoon at the end of April. I cannot decide which couples is the best one for us. We are 27 & 30 and pretty active(aerial/acro performers/coaches). I thought CSA might be the best one because there are lots of activities and it's on the 7 mile beach, but there is only a standard Garden Room left and I noticed that all the good reviews on trip advisor are from people who stayed in the better rooms. Will we be disappointed if we spend our honeymoon in a garden room at CSA?

    Any advice?

    Thanks so much! If I don't make a decision soon! There might not be anything left!

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    Congratulations first of all!!!! Because it is your honeymoon, you may be spending more time in the room than most, BUT honestly, you do not spend much time in your room! Having said that you need to be comfortable with your decision, the rooms in this website really are exactly what the rooms look like, do the 360 tour, see what you think. You are correct though, April is a very popular time to book JA so you need to decide soon!

    Good Luck and Congrats again!

    Happy Travels,

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    We stayed in a garden suite on our honeymoon and it was just fine.We did not spend all that much time in our suite anyway.Since then, we have upgraded to a gvs and bvs because of the minibar and tv but would not hesitate to stay in a garden suite again.It was clean and comfortable and our verandah was surrounded by lush vegetation. I say go for it, you are in paradise after all, CONGRATULATIONS and have a great time!

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    I think you will love CSA. If you don't really need a tv or minibar, then I say go for it! Obviously you are drawn to CSA, so just go ahead. Keep checking for other room types to open up and also check on it when you first get there. Make sure they know you are on your honeymoon and bring proof because there are perks associated with that. Congratulations! You are going to have a blast!

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    Just do it!

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    If I was getting married or honeymooning at a Couples resort then it would HAVE to be at CSS...Couples Sans Souci.

    I do not think ANYONE would argue that CSS is the most beautiful and romantic resort in the growing Couples empire.

    AND..I also think the suites at CSS outshine any of the rooms at CSA.

    Better give my opinion and awful lot of thought!!!
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    Thanks for the feedback everyone. We booked CSA Apr. 27-May 4th! So excited!

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