This was our 2nd trip to CTI. We were there several years ago and wanted to see the upgrade.
Needless to say we found everything to be very nice. We were sad to see the erosion of the beach, it seems to have shifted down towards the restaurant.As always the staff was wonderful and the food great. Our biggest disappointment however was the island. Several times the red flag was up and you couldn't go to the island. The water was not that rough but the"floating dock" at the island was very difficult to access off the boat. I don't understand why with all the money spent on renovations the "dock" at the island is so very bad. It's tied together rather haphazardly with ropes!
I'm sorry that this wasn't upgraded in keeping with the rest of the resort. We've been to CN 3 times and CSS once and probably will return to those resorts instead of CTI because of this issue.