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    Okay only 80 days to go...... how do you handle the wait? This is torture..

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    We head to CSA in 12 days. About 80 days ago I swore I was going to drop at least 15 pounds before we go. I lost 2. I almost wish we weren't going for 80 days so I could try harder to loose the weight.......nah, I can't wait either.
    It will be here before you know it. It's like being a little kid again waiting for Christmas.

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    We are going to CTI in two days!
    Rum Cream helps pass the time!
    Also listen to as much Bob[the people I work with are sick of it] as possible!

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    I'm at 19 days. My brain is silly putty. I have a daily countdown on the whiteboard in my office. It actually helps time go faster for me if I count the days (and the day count keeps me away from the office candy jars).

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    We leave for our first trip ever to CN on Friday this week. I kept count on working days left and shortened it by taking out the weekends since they were spent preparing for our trip, it made the time look a lot shorter! Can not wait!!!!! Biggest fear when we do go and then have nothing to count down too for teh rest of the year. LOL

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    Isn't it obvious? My name is on almost every thread! This message board gets me through! Plus, having a countdown, no matter how long, is better than no countdown at all.
    Amy Welch...Woooohoooo!!
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    36 days until CSA and the folks at my office are about at wit's end with my reggae. I'm going to wear flower print shirts every day my last week just to make them all green with envy. he he he. To cope, I check this site far too often and answer the phone with a robust "Yah Mon!". I got the luggage down out of the attic to dust it off and repair a handle. I check Jamaica webcams, have installed a countdown timer on my desktop over the pics of last year's trip to CN. Give me a bit and I'll chomp at it. I'm going nutso. SooOoOOoOOON COME, MON

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    We have 21 days left and it is driving me crazy...driving my husband even crazier that I am on the message board a million times a day..He says that nothing will be a surprise to me when we get to CN.. I like to be prepard and this message board had done just that...I am going crazy and I am sure that watching the countdown on my computer both at home and at work isnt helping much.. The kids keep asking how many more days...not sure if thats because they are all teenagers and can't wait to get us out of house but the joke is on them, I have my husbands aunt staying at the house...Just in case...I have great kids but some of their puts our mind at ease..

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