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    My husband and I had been soooo thrilled w/ all the other restraunts that we walked into the Bayside w/ the same high expectations. However, all that was changed when we walked into the Bayside. All I can say is....aweful. We had a 7:45 reservation, however, we were delayed by a spa treatment not starting on time. We called the Bayside to make sure it wasn't a problem if we were late. They replied "no problem". We arrived about 8:10 and received a very chilly reception. We were then seated and had to wait longer then normal for a glass of water (and even once we recv'd our water, we weren't offered another glass of anything!) The waitress took our order and a few mins. later returned to tell us that they were out of one of the entre's order. This waitress was as cold as a pina colada! We were left w/ the impression that she didn't want to be there and we were a hassle to her. The food NOT great. The apps. were cold (even the ones that were supposed to be warm) YUCK!!! Was very uncomfortable - couldn't wait to get out of there. Plus, we were dying of thirst.

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    Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience. We are headed to CTI in two days and cant wait to experience Bay Side as the pictures of it were part of our reasoning behind booking CTI.

    How were there other rest. if you dont mind me asking?


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    Default we had the opposite reaction

    We just returned from CTI on Saturday and we ate at Bayside twice with great service and wonderful meals both times...
    In fact, the second night, we were enjoying drinks with a couple of our friends that did not have a reservation but wanted to eat there.
    The bartender (whoo hoo Teneshia) spoke with the waiter and got them seated after all those with reservations had been seated (there are always a few no-shows).

    perhaps the server was having a bad day.

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    We just returned from 10 glorious days at CTI and loved Bayside!! The food was great everywhere but Bayside was really special.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashley View Post
    The bartender (whoo hoo Teneshia) spoke with the waiter and got them seated after all those with reservations had been seated (there are always a few no-shows).
    Tenishia is wonderful! One of my favorites at CTI.

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    It is to bad that your experience at Bayside was less than desired. If that was the only unpleasant situation during your stay, it really shouldn't count for much in the long run.

    I hope that you took the time to put this information on the Couples check-out form. They really do want to hear from everyone. Both the good and the bad.


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    We'll agree with the later. Just got back from CTI, & had a few dinners at Bay side, & all the dinners were quite lovely. 1st night we met the new chef & since I cook, had a great time discussing the new menu. When we arrived, we sat for a moment at the bar, was asked our drink orders & then sat down. Lovely service & the food was very good. Had to dodge an occasional wave, but besides that, was great.

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    Rocco, maybe, we just caught the Bayside on a bad time/day. All other restraunts were great. We really enjoyed all of our other dining experiences. We too wanted to experience what the pictures portrayed. The views from our seats were wonderful. Seems like others had a positive experience, based on the posts. Either way we still would go back to CTI based on the "whole package". Bayside wouldn't keep us away!

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    We spent 9 great days at CTI, Bayside was our favorite. Ate twice there.
    Just goes to say, Couples has many options to please all, just need to try all the options and see what suits you.
    Thought the food was so good, and the setting was even better.
    All is irie.

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    From what's been stated on this thread and many other posts regarding the service and food at Bayside, it seems the overwhelming majority of responses have been positive, so our expectations have not been diminished one iota. However, I feel for t_tropic. It does appear as if she & hub had a fairly nasty experience there. And I agree with what Richie said. That would have been something to at least mention in the checkout process, if not bringing it up directly that evening with the restaurant manager. Perhaps he/she could have done something to help smooth things over.

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