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    Default Bringing cigars from the U.S.A. ?

    DH and I will be celebrating DH's birthday during out visit to CSA in April. He'd like to bring a nice cigar to enjoy for his special day. I have read that a "cigar man" visits the resort, and you can change the cigars to your room, but have a few questions in that regard...

    1) Can he bring his own...ever have problems at customs?
    2) Are the cigar's the "cigar man" sells, decent cigars?
    3) Are there places he can buy a decent cigar within walking distance of CSA?

    Thanks in advance for your replies!

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    Not sure of the import limits on cigars to the Caribbean Basin... and not really sure how to check out Jamaican Customs ahead of time.... pointers from others??

    On a couple of nights, Cigar King will have a rep onsite. Good, reliable perveyor. Also, cigars are available in the Gift Shop.

    Finally, you can wander up to Cosmos (go to beach, turn right, walk past the neighboring resort), or you can walk the beach toward town (turn left at the beach) to find the CigarKing shop on the beach... about a mile?

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    1. Yes My previous trip in December I brought my own.. no problems
    2. My opinion is they are not that great...decent brands, but overpriced.
    3. Not sure. But if he likes cigars tell him to take a look at (no I do not work for them) I buy my cigars from them and have had pretty good luck. And they sell nice travel humidors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JaneDoe View Post

    1) Can he bring his own...ever have problems at customs? You are allowed to bring a limited amount of tobacco into the country. One cigar will be fine.
    2) Are the cigar's the "cigar man" sells, decent cigars?We bought our cigars at the resort gift shop, which you can charge to your room. We never saw a cigar guy, but we weren't looking for him either. However, if there is a vendor selling them, you WON'T be able to charge them to your room.
    3) Are there places he can buy a decent cigar within walking distance of CSA?Yep! Right at the CSA gift shop. Plus, if you buy them there, you know for sure what you're getting. Sometimes they have specials too, like buy 3 get one free.

    Thanks in advance for your replies!
    Have fun! You'll LOVE CSA!!
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    My husband brings cigars in our checked bag every year. Never been a problem

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    i always pack a humidor 20-30 sticks for the trip.
    normally a few times a week a " cigar guy" is on the property. The smokes are ok but clearly you are a captive audience and will pay a premium for an decent cigar. I would strongly suggest you pack your favorite stick and if you wish to try out the local guy you may be pleasently suprised

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    This might be of use:

    As with bringing things back into the US, the magic word is "reasonable." If you're going down for the week and bringing in 300 cigars, you might have a problem. If you're bringing in 10, it probably isn't. Just make sure to declare it if asked.

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    Here's the link to Jamaican customs if anyone is interested. It lists items that are restricted and prohibited.
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    Default Cigars

    i brought a bunch of cigars from the US and had not 1 problem. The cigar man that visits the resort has great cigars about $10 a stick. He has Cohiba, montecristo's (My favorite, Romeo & Julietta. There is a shop (1st shop you come to on the left if your facing the water. They are a little more pricey but still good. We just booked out second trip to CSA. We went this past January and going back January next year.

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    I agree with stever
    better to bring your own, if you like a particular cigar
    I bring 15-20 with no problem
    Make sure he brings a cutter if he brings his own

    if it is only one night for the special occasion then buying it there is probably a better option

    I have had real Cubans (that I bought in Cuba) and they are really good. I am not sure that the Cubans that are sold in Jamaica are "real" Cubans.
    They are definitely more expensive.

    I pay $6-10 per cigar here in the US (depending on the size cigar)
    A similar cigar in Jamaica was 18-20
    Like I said if its only one then maybe not that big a deal just to buy it there.

    Hope this helps

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    Be very wary about fake cuban cigars from beach vendors or many other places in Jamaica. If you don't know how to tell the difference then don't buy them.

    I think the best advice is to visit a reputable cigar store before you leave home and take a few good cigars with you. Fuentes, Davidoffs, Illusiones, or if your husband doesn't smoke much something light like a Diamond Crown or Macanudo.

    Plain and simple, most cigars that you see in the Caribbean that are being presented as cubans are fake and mostly crap. Buyer beware

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    Thanks everyone for your experiences and tips. Looks like he'll be fine bringing 1 or 2, and as mentioned, perhaps he'll try one from the Cigar King.

    To jamacain_me_crazy, that is mostly where he buys his cigars and supplies from

    I appreciate all of your responses!

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    i always bring cigars down with me, but you will never have a problem getting them there, can be exspensive though

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    Since we can't get Cubans in the states we always buy when we get there. Just like anything else, everyone has their own opinions on what they consider to be good and also too expensive or not. There is a shopping mall near the resort called Times Square and there is a cigar shop there. The guy is pretty straight up. We also buy from the guy at the resort and charge them to the room. He is cheaper than buying from the gift shop but still it will cost you about $15 for a Monte Cristo or a Cohiba. If they have the Jamaican Rum dipped cigars...try one, they are fabulous! This past trip, we actually bought a whole box...the guy gave us a great deal...ended up being like $6 a piece and the box was sealed so we know we got the real thing too. It's vacation so I say live large!

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