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    Default down to double digits

    Finally down to 99 days and counting until we will be back in paradise. Can't wait

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    We certainly understand...Only 42 more days til CN! 13 DAYS OF BLISS awaits.

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    I hear you! we're at 87 days to go till our trip/weddingmoon to CSS!

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    44 days til paradise!!!

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    That's so exciting. We're down to 50 ourselves....


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    39 more days till the awful, dirty, rude staff, and sand in the bed place we all know and love---- CSA.

    So before anyone gets upset, this was said tongue in cheek, check out the thread---Questionable TA Review-CSA.

    Member of the 4 for 4 Club---and going back for more.

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    10 days til CSA!! We start the single digit dance tomorrow!!!

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    68 for us until we check in at CN!

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    We are down to 47 days....... for CSA (49 for our wedding at CSA)!!

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    15 days until we're back at CN and it still seems like FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    1 more night of restless sleep. We leave tomorrow for CTI. Can't wait!! Hopefully, I don't toss and turn all night thinking about paradise!

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    18 days and counting down but then I have to add another 365 days for 2011.

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    We have 18 days until paradise.

    I cant wait until I hear the flight attendant say, "We have begun out initial descent into Montego Bay, we should be landing in the next ten minutes."

    Those words will be magic to my ears!

    CSA here we come!

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    46 days until our wedding/honeymoon!!!
    Carin and Cary

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    That's it, it's official....... 9 days and we'll be in Paradise!!
    I'm doing the dance now.....Picture John Travolta striking his famous pose in Saturday Night Fever..... well, the pose anyway.... CSA here we come!!!

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    54 more days to our weddingmoon at CSA!

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