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    Default ? regarding AN beach/pool at CSS

    We will be visiting CSS in June as first timers, have stayed at other resorts in Jamaica. Last year we stayed at GL and ventured over to the AN side. It was very pretty, and there were not gawkers or anything, it just seemed a little much at times, due to some of the guests/groups that came in. Some were obviously into a different "lifestyle" of sort as we even had some individuals approach us, and we simply enjoy sunbathing nude...without any of that other stuff. I have heard that the AN beach and pool at CSS is a bit "classier", though I have read other posts that say it really is kind of an "afterthought" and that it is overlooked at this resort and the service is not as good as it is on the textile side. Is this the case?

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    ssb as css is a first class set up
    the beach is seviceable
    nice pool with a swim up bar
    grill and food for lunch
    i would say the times we were there the amenities per capita is excellent
    never crowded alway fun enjoy

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    We have been to GLN many times. I think SSB at CSS is better than a/n side of GLN.

    Beach is much deeper, pool is much bigger, food is really good. More private than GLN.

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    Default Not an afterthought.....

    Just think of SSB as a little secret place at CSS...

    SSB is your own private resort when you want it to be. Full pool bar with the best bartenders, and a pool side grill with great food. We asked for salads one day for lunch, and the grill person walked back and make us all salads to go with our lunch!!
    Beach is great for strolling a/n. Sometimes you see a boat go by, but never any foot traffic.

    Some people only go to CSS because of SSB. You will have a great time!! I can send you pictures if you like!

    CSS 6/22-6/30 2010

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    I think SSB is the one AN beach of Couples that is NOT ignored. Daily they bring lunch over as well as have a chef that stands at the hot grill all day just waiting to take your order for burger, patties, fries, etc. And twice a day the entertainment staff come over and play some sort of game. Plus there is fabulous service at the swim up bar. No, ANers are not ignored at SSB, they are treated like 1st Class Citizens!

    And...there is NO 'lifestyle' junk that goes on at SSB. It is all couples who enjoy sunbathing nude and enjoy chatting with other couples.

    You've made a fabulous decision choosing CSS. We've been to GLB and prefer CSS.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Default Thanks for the info..

    Thanks everyone for the info. Sounds like we made the right choice...counting down the days!

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