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Thread: Sushi at CSA

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    Default Sushi at CSA

    I heard one of the restaurants at CSA serves fresh sushi for lunch everyday ...anyone know which restaurant this is?

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    Maybe the Palms? I did notice they had a lot of sushi at the International night.

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    Seagrapes has Sushi - not sure if it's everyday as their menu changes twice a week

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    Limited sushi at SweptAway, and yes, it is at SeaGrapes. Not terrible, not great. Served with wasabi (good, too, so bring a beer).

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    SeaGrapes!! Yum! Menu does change, though, every 4 days I think. So, ask the server upon arrival which schedule they are on, and plan accordingly. ENJOY!!

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    We just got back from CSA Saturday. Seagrapes had sushi almost every day. It looks like they have reduced the portion size though. There were only four pieces.

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    Seagrapes serves what they call "Jamaican Sushi". If you are a sushi lover, as we are, you will find that their sushi is not what you are used to. That said it is quite good and we love it for lunch, along with a fish sandwich, some sweet potato chips and a fresh fruit smoothy. Keep an open mind on the food at CSA. All dishes, regardless of what they may be, will have a distinct Jamaican flare to them. It is a wonderful cultural experience to eat at all the restaurants at CSA.

    Have a great trip. You will love CSA!

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    Default Sushi

    If I recall, the sushi is only available a couple of days a week at Sea Grapes. It is so delicious and we wish it was available at lunch every single day!

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    Does CSS also have Sushi available?

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    At CSS they serve Sushi on the buffet @ the Starlight Gala on Friday nights. Pretty much the same Sushi that is served @ CSA. CSA also has Sushi @ the International night on the buffet

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