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    Default negril weather in march

    I Was thinking about traveling to Negril in March of 2011, was wondering how the weather is ? I have always went in june or july.Is the ocean warm? And how are the pools.Im going to CTI this June. But its been along winter here in the midwest,since we just had snow yesterday here in Illinois.Thinking we might want to travel earlier next year,but we like it warm.

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    march is normally one of the driest months. Not as hot or humid as july.
    the water temp doesnt flucuate much. Just note march is peak season so airfare and resort $$ will be greater then july prices

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    If you wait until the 2nd or 3rd week of April, you'll save up to $1000. No lobster though but you can buy a lot of lobster for agrand.

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    Just got back from CN from our stay 3/12 - 3/20 and the weather was perfect (just like last March!) Hot and sunny during the day and cool and comfy at night (except one night was humid). Pool and ocean both refreshing and warm! Had their delicious lobster our first night and our last night - wonderful!!!!! Can't wait for March 2011!!!!!

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    Default March weather?

    We left CN on March 7th. During our entire 8 night stay we did NOT have any rain at all except we "heard" that once it rained during the night. We couldn't tell the next morning that it rained so it was minimal. The weather was PERFECT our entire trip, Feb. 27th thru March 7th - hot, sunny, mid 80's. Most evenings were quite comfortable as well. I wore a light sweater inside a few restaurants & piano bar in the evenings because of the air conditioning, not the outside temps. From all of the comments...I would say that March is a perfect time to go!

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    We have been in Negril during March in 2010 and 2009. We had some windy days this year but the sun was warm and we had only one brief rain shower. Evening temps were perfect!

    The water temps were a little cool for us Floridians - I think we prefer late April and May.

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