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    Default CSA Weather in January

    HI, we have been to csa twice in November of 08, and nov of 09. We are trying to book for late January of 2011. Can anyone tell me what to expect for the weather/ ocean conditions. Both times in November there were hurricanes or tropical storms that kicked up the ocean a bit, making it too choppy and overcast for several days. I know we cannot help mother nature, just wondering what everyone elses experiences are in January, maybe we will have better luck, perfect calm waters and sunny skies ?? Thanks

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    Default january weather

    We just went this past January and it was beautiful high 80's rained once at night and a qucik sprinkle one other day. Bar helped with that. We just booked our second visit to CSA in January 2011. We are going week of 22-29th. Maybe we will see you there

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    I've been to Jamaica 14 times. One time we traveled in late Novemeber........bad idea! Late season Hurricane Marco kept rain over Jamaica for all 8 days !!!! I've never seen so much rain....only about 3 hours worth of sun the whole trip. Traveled once at the end of March. Good weather but more humidity. We used to travel mid-January and had good weather, and then other times would have a few bad days. This year we were at CSA Jan. 31-Feb. 7........everyday was beautiful, mid to upper 80's, full sun. I don't remember any rain in all those days, unless it was at night, and I really didn't see wet grounds in the morning. Last year we were at B Jan. 30-Feb. 6. The first 2 days were beautiful, the rest of the time was cloudy, winding, rain off and you just never know. And I think the part of Jamaica you go to is affected by the weather. Negril seems to get the most beautiful weather. Hope this helps.

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    We have been in January twice now in 2007 and 2010 (although it was the first week of Jan) both times the weather was great. It did rain a few times in 07 but just your typical afternoon/early evening shower. This year though it did not rain a single time. It was low 80s, winds were nice, ocean was great. At the end of our stay the water was too choppy to do any water skiing lessons, but not anything that would interrupt you getting in the ocean to lay on your raft. Enjoy!
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    There is a reason that late December is the beginning of the Tourist Season in Jamaica... the weather is close to perfect.

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    We have stayed at CSA four times in late January. On average, January is the driest month in Negril (check out the averages on We were there this past January, and it rained twice in the late afternoon for about 10 minutes each time. Other than that, nothing but high clouds. It is the ideal time to go to Negril.

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