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    Default CSA-What do you do when it rains? :(

    I just looked up the weather, and for most of the time that we will be there, the weather is not looking good. Cloudy and 30/40% scattered thynderstorms. What have past visitors done during the day to keep busy when you cant go to the beach/water sports?

    Thanks! Michelle

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    Honestly, that's a typical weather forecase. Remember, that means 60-70% no thunderstorms, and it's "scattered." It usually does rain once a day. All the rain is what keeps tropical islands lush.

    However, when it rains, you can wait at a bar for it to pass. Hang out in your room til it passes. Hang out in the rain, as it's usually a warm rain. Go to the fitness center, play ping pong, play a board game. For me, just sitting there thinking about how I'm not at work is enough to get me through it

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    Time for the meteorology/statistics lesson:

    A 30%/40% chance of rain means that there is that chance that it will rain at any point during the day. I does not mean it will rain for 30%/40% of the day, nor does it mean it will rain all day if it does rain.

    It's the tropics. It's likely to rain at some point during the day, usually in the afternoons, and usually for an hour or so, then stop.

    And to answer your basic question, there is plenty to do when it rains, IMO.

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    If you're at CSA odd are you'll have a spectacular balcony. Enjoy your balcony and watch the show. If there's thunder and lightning, you have to get out of the water, otherwise, you can stay at the swimup bar or hover under a palapa.

    And then, there's always the infamous "nap". Don't forget to hang the "Do not disturb" sign.

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    Hmmm, let me see.

    Romantic resort, beautiful tropical environment, no kids and some alone time with the person I love most in the world.

    What to do, what to do???

    Your kidding, right?

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    When it rains, there is plenty to do. Head back to your room We like to belly up to the pool bar for shots in the rain!
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    We wait 20 minutes for it to stop while laying in a hammock with a drink. Really, when it rains, it only rains for a little bit, it's light rain, and you can usually still see the sun.

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    Michelle, Have sex!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AHammon View Post
    Michelle, Have sex!!
    WOW, straight to the point..

    As far as meteorologist go there are some myths reguarding % so let me get you guys in the know. If it says that there is say a 50% chance it means 50% of the time in conditions similar to the ones they are expecting it rains or whatever they are predicting. It does not mean 50% of the area will get rain, or it will rain for 50% of the day. Keep your head up apparently you can go to your room for the above mentioned which is good because rain does not last long and well....... Ok wont go there typically when we go it is an afternoon shower we are normally hungry at that point so we go eat. No Worries if it rains it rains it is a hell of a lot better place to be than ____!! you fill in the blank
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    We just pack up & leave and head back home to cold, crappy Chicago.

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    Some of my best memories of CSA are of the good times I had sitting at the Sunset Bar on the beach trying different cocktails with a bunch of new friends while the rain came down all around us. Heaven.

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    Haha, thanks everyone. I guess I was worried that it would be storming the whole time, and since we are outdoors people, I didnt want to miss out on the boating, sports, etc. Thanks for all your input Can't wait to be there at the end of this week!

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    if you have a papala you can sit under that and watch it rain, sit out on your balcony, take a nap, go grab lunch/snack, I have seen people just stay out in the water, the obvious that has already been mentioned go to the sports bar and have a drink, see if spa has any openings at that time and get a massage, oh and don't forget the casino.
    What we have done when it rains is go up to the beach bars and sit and have drinks. Usually the rain passes pretty quickly and you can return to the beach. But get to know your bartenders at that time and the other CSA guests as well. You know they will make it a fun time.
    The other thing we have done is gone to the hot tub...especially the one in the garden area. Just pull the umbrella up close to the edge so the rain doesn't run down your face.
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    Frankly, I wouldn't know... we've never really been rained out (not a single day!) in seven previous visits to SweptAway. Go figure. We've been lucky in going through significant rainstorms during our transfers... but that's it.

    During the spotty showers we have had, a quick dunk under the thatch of a beach bar always works for us.

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    all of the suggestions sound great....watching the storm from the great beachfornt suite balcony and spending romantic time with the person I love most in the world are my favorite 2....ohhh boy 42 sleeps and a wakeup.... mercy please

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    Quote Originally Posted by mina1 View Post
    I just looked up the weather, and for most of the time that we will be there, the weather is not looking good. Cloudy and 30/40% scattered thunderstorms. What have past visitors done during the day to keep busy when you cant go to the beach/water sports?

    Thanks! Michelle
    ....That is a typical weather forecast. 2, 4, 6, 8 months from now you will still see that same forecast (must be easy being a weatherman there!), so don't worry on it. When it does rain, it's only for a few hours at most. As for what to do when it's raining, this IS a romantic get away......

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    One evening we got caught in a sudden down pour on the way back to our room, so we just danced in the warm tropical rain to the sound of the house band playing in the distance.
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    That is so funny because we arrive Sunday the 28th to CSA and before I logged on the board I checked the 10 day forecast and saw the same thing! But like the others said, Negril usually has an afternoon shower but doesn't last long.

    Last time that happened we just sat at the swim up bar until it let up, that was about 2 hours later so needless to say we had had WAY too many drinks! But it was all the room to nap it off, wakeup, shower, and your ready for the rest of the night!

    Can't wait to get there! I can no longer focus on anything not trip related!

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    You could always "walk hand in hand with the one I love" and hear "laughter in the rain" as the old song goes . . .

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