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    Default CTI Dinner Reservations

    My fiancee and I will be at CTI for our honeymoon April 25th to May 1st. Should we make all of our dinner reservations before we arrive at the resort?

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    You can't make any reservations until you arrive because you need your room number. No worries! You won't have any problem getting reservations.
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    You can't make reservations before arriving.
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    You have to be a Registered Guest to make a Dinner Rez ( same with Cat Cruise and some other activities)Once you are checked in you can do this at the Table in the Lobby or by House Phone...

    There is no reason to worry about getting a Dinner will be fine, just be flexible about what times you can eat.

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    You can't, you will have to wait until you're there. Have a good time.

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    You can't make the reservations before you get there. When you arrive, you will be given a form you can use to make reservations. They ask for first choice, 2nd choice for dinner. You can use it or not and just make your reservations at guest services.

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    Default dinner resv.

    We didn't find it necessary to make reservations prior to arrival. We stayed at CTI. Had no problem eating when and where we wanted. Besides, we didn't know what activities were going on or times of those activities. We also found ourselves not minding eating later. So that helped too! Enjoy your trip!!

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    You're not able to make reservations for any of the restaurants before you arrive. You'll be able to make them once you get there thought.

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