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    Default Black & White Party ?

    Heading to CSA on Wed...WOOHOO! I thought I had saw something about a Black & White Party and as I am finishing my packing I realized...nothing black and white. Did I read that incorrectly or is this an evening event?


    April & Jason Miller
    March 24- 30 2010 (OH YEAH THATS THE DAY AFTER NEXT!)

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    We arrive 3/25 and I didnt see that info, but please post if you find out Michelle

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    I think you are thinking about the anniversary party that occurs in October. Each year they have a theme.

    There won't be any themed parties while you are there.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    I have not heard of this. Only that there are some resturants that you have to dress up a little for and that you cant wear open toed shoes. There is a dressy gala that happens at cti maybe you were thinking of this?

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    Sorry... I've not heard of such a thing at SweptAway unless its something new?

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    Stayed at CSA in August, 2009. No black and white party at that time.

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    Will P Diddy be there that week? his "white" party in the hamptons is over the top enjoy

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