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    Default "Sticky" Rice At Lemongrass?

    We were a little bit disappointed with our visit to Lemongrass. Firstly we were kept waiting for 20 minutes at the front desk after our appointment time.The appetiser was lovely but then we sat there for 25 minutes for our entree and everyone else seemed to be on dessert! Well we eventually asked and it duely appeared along with the rice which was in clumps and very starchy. We asked if they could change it and the same thing was served, the manager say that was the type of rice served and it was called "sticky" rice. I think in reality it had just been standing there as we had been forgotten!

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    I think it's meant to be that way. Sticky rice is what's used in sushi, I believe and I believe it's the standard in asian cooking (someone will correct me if I'm wrong).

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    We love it

    This may help explain
    "Sticky rice is a type of short-grained Asian rice that is especially sticky when cooked. It is called glutinous in the sense of being glue-like or sticky and not in the sense of containing gluten"
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    Default It IS that way...

    We haven't been to Swept Away yet, we will be there for the first time in November, but we do eat Thai food all the time. We make it at home and buy sticky rice by the 25 pound bag and steam it very often. Sticky rice is just like you described. It is very starchy, clumpy and "sticky".

    Thanks for this thread. Because of this, I now have to eat panang with sticky rice tomorrow, because my wife got a craving after reading this ;-) As for me, I want some Jamaican patties...

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    Default Sticky Rice

    I'm so sorry to hear your expereince was disappointing. Hope this one experience doesn't spoil your decision to return to Couples Resorts in the future. Just an FYI - Sticky rice really is a type of rice. It wasn't cooked incorrectly.

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    No We will love to go back, I had heard of sticky rice but never eaten it! Everything else was lovely.

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    As stated above, sticky rice is a particular type of rice that is prepared specifically to achieve the "clumping" you described. It is used for sushi, as also previously mentioned, and is served with most Thai dishes. If you are not familiar with this method of preparation I could see where you might be disillusioned by it and think that is was either not fresh or improperly cooked.

    One advantage of sticky rice is that it is much easier to eat with chop sticks.

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    It's jasmine rice at lemongrass which is supposed to be sticky. It's Thai food, not American.

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    I have been to Thai restaurants here in England but never come across sticky rice before, the rice has always been in individual grains as we cook it here. Still you live and learn!

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