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    Default I heard some news today....

    Hi! A person who works in my building was just in JA. She stayed @ the S resort in Dunns River 2 weeks ago and was informed they're closing, soon like. Apparently, they don't want to do some updating like putting in a lazy river or something to that affect? Dunno. All she said was for sure they were closing. Interesting, no? Maybe Couples CSS and CTI will reap the benefits from this closing? Just sharing the news/gossip. Razzl

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    S's Dunns River resort is a property leased by S - they have decided not to renew their lease and let it expire. It has nothing to do with lazy rivers - there is no room for one at this property and it is one of their nicer resorts IMO.

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    I just googled that info and yes its true effective july 30. I'm sure if anyone is intrested as to the specfics they can find it online. Never been to there before but that just means more revenue for couples

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    Last year when we were in Jamaica, our taxi driver told us it's just that their lease is up.

    There are so many other S resorts, I think the overflow will only affect them.
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    Wow! You 'guys' are so smart and way ahead of me! I'm always behind on these kinds of things... Hopefully this closing will indeed ceate more business for Couples and convert some of those S folks into Couples fans! Razzl

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    Being a huge fan of Couples since 2004, I've become selfish. I've never been to an S resort and probably never will. I hope this closing doesn't have a huge effect on Couples. I like being able to decide which Couples to go to 2-3 months before going and getting the room we want. More people, less choices. We had to settle for our 3rd choice for our room at CSA (9 days!). I never had that problem at CSS or CN. I think CSA has now become the most popular of the Couples resorts so it books up fast. Just so I get our preferred room next year, I've already booked CSA for April 2011. And that's without even seeing CSA. I have that much confidence in Couples and the people who have posted about CSA on this board. I'm hoping that I might get the room upgrade via the Romance Rewards Passionate level but I won't hold my breath on that.

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    Personally, I'm not a big fan of trying to convert EVERYONE to Couples devotees. There is only so much room... and so many visitors! To each his (or her) own.

    This is why I bristle when I hear anyone being over the top when being critical of a resort, be it Couples, S, SC, B, R, or whatever alphabet soup resort is out there. There is something for everyone on the island, thank Jah!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    From what I have read S resort did want to purchase the property out right how ever the leasing company from what's posted online did not want to sell but instead contuine to lease the property. The leasing price was increased to 50 million for 10 years I guess that was too much or probally an unfair deal and decided to not renew their deal.

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    I read last year that the owners of the property decided not to renew S's lease. They want to operate a resort themselves as this resort has a high profit margin..

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    we stayed at s dunns river last year to bad its closing maybe couples pic it up real nice resort

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