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    Default Best Hangover Remedies?

    Going back to CSA at the end of April. I don't drink at home too often but when I'm on vacation I like to enjoy a few cocktails. Unfortunately, no matter how little or how much I enjoy a few drinks,I always end up with a terrible hangover.
    Since there are people reading this message board around the world, I thought I would see if there is something out there that I haven't tried?

    Does anyone have any good suggestions? (besides the obvious of not drinking)

    THANKS in advance

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    My best sugestion is water I mix in a glass of water for every two drinks I have. SInce most hangovers are due to dehydration. I drink water at all meals and normally have a bloody mary or bloody cesear in the morning to knock the hair off this old dog other than that it helps to condition your body daily so I drink every day starting at 830 am afterbreakfast to keep my body use to the rigors of vacation....

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    People scoff at at "hangover pills," but we tried some and can't say they don't work. We pop a couple with a big glass of water around lunch, then every two or three hours afterward.

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    Water, water and more water. Dehydration is one of the main culprits of hangovers and with being out in the heat an sun all day that is very easy to do. I'm like you but I have found that if I try to drink at least 1/2 a bottle of water or more per every drink or two it really helps. Makes for having to get up at least once during the night but it sure beats a having a terrible hangover the next day. Having a couple ibuprofen on hand helps as well. Of course lying in a pool of cool water on a floaty makes most any hangover tolerable.

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    For me, the best remedy is a little preventative care - stay hydrated (not with booze, which dehydrates, with water) the night before and take some ibuprophen before bed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smoo72 View Post
    For me, the best remedy is a little preventative care - stay hydrated (not with booze, which dehydrates, with water) the night before and take some ibuprophen before bed.
    I second this, when I was much younger than I am now and living in the US I was embarking on a night out with a group of people. Two of us had headaches before we set off so we duly popped a couple of Advil. We all proceeded to get very drunk (we were young and stupid). The next day everyone was hungover with the exception of me and my friend who had taken the advil.

    After that whenever I knew I was going to be drinking more than usual I would pop a couple of Advil.

    Back in the UK having had children and now found the idea of getting up to young babies a deterrent I was watching daytime telly. It was around Xmas and it was a question and answer phone in to the resident doc. 'What do trainee doctors do if going on a bender' Answer, they take a couple of ibuprofen and eat something starchy like a banana.

    I must point out that I have always took the ibuprofen prior to starting drinking not before bed though.

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    A beer and Clamato juice!

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    For some reason, I don't get hangovers in Jamaica (and I get them at home). I personally think it is the water. It is full of good minerals and vitamins that our water in the states doesn't have (or we filter out).
    Not only do I not get hangovers, my hair and nails grow like crazy while we are there.
    I LOVE Jamaica's water!!!! (Think Fuji water that costs a fortune here)

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    I understand downing some emergen-c before bed helps. It certainly can't hurt. That and hydrating well before bed in general is going to help too.

    I know I'll be trying out the Emergen-C remedy next week. I'm an avid drinker of that stuff anyway though.

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    Start with two of what ever you drank last the night before. If that was water so be it.
    If they were Bob Marley shots, this will make you forget about your headache until the next morning, continue as needed throughout the day

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    Drink 2 bottles of water in the morning, 1 at noon time, and 2 at the end of the day. I am convinced it is all about hydration.

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    1. Hydration (drink lots of water all day)

    2. Moderation (just because it's AI, don't be a glutton)

    3. Nutrition (eat a good healthy meal before indulging)
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    Drinking at least one Emergen-C BEFORE bedtime (or during the course of the day) has been by far the best antidote we've seen. We've been to Mardi gras 5 straight years w/o a hangover, a real miracle. I have drunk 2 Emergen_c's in separate glasses of water at bedtime. very effective!

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    Peanut butter sandwich and a glass of milk before bed.

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    Water-Water-Water----before, during and after inbibing!

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    Well, back in the day when drinking on the weekends was synonomous with required activity for me, I was always real big on hydration. My general rule of thumb was a tall glass of ice cold water for every drink I consumed, then before I called it a night, I would usually drink another two or three glasses just as an extra precaution. And at the suggestion of a friend, there was a time I was also chasing that water with a massive dose of potassium. Something about the potassium helping retain the water in your system. Never knew if that really worked or if it was just urban legend, as I suspect the water I consumed played the dominant role in any hangover preventions. But what the heck, might as well pass on the info.

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    Two aspirin before bedtime. Then....and most important...a big greasy cheeseburger in the morning! I promise it works.

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    At CN right now and my wife woke up with an awful hangover today. Got her some water, dramamine, gatorade and fresh fruit. Seems to be doing much better.

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    I always take milk thistle before i go out drinking and when i get in....just a couple of capsules. They are brilliant....i think they help extract the alcohol from the liver. I buy them from a health food store in the UK. Def worth trying as i normally suffer with horrendous hangovers. Lack of sleep is often a contributor to hangovers.

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    The reason that Emergen-C works so well, is that it is full of (in addition to a mega dose of vit C) "B" vitamins....that's why we always take a B complex vitamin....have also tried the alka-seltzer hangover's essentially caffeine & aspirin..but the fizzy drink I think gets absorbed quicker than pills...plenty of water if at all possible while drinking is one poster said tho, while on vacation in JA for some reason we DON"T get hangovers...I think it's because of the attitude/lattitude we are in...and knowing that with the cost of a couples's time we can't waste

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    Default Hangover Remedies?

    the water is the secret.
    the sun dehydrates you and the alcohol dehydrates you.
    drink at least 1 glass of water to every 2 drinks and you should be fine.
    learned the hard way.

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    I have to agree with everyone else...water. For every drink you have, drink a glass of water. Additionally, take an IBU before bed. Thats about it. And, if you have a hangover the next day, have alcohol with breakfast.

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    I usually eat something before bed if I am bad enough to get a hangover, 2 excedrin, and lots of water.

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    Ben, not sure what your drink of choice is...but if indulging in the frothy blended type drinks, DO ask that they be made WITHOUT syrup.....the sugar and the alcohol will get you far quicker than drinks without the syrup (kind of like not needed with the wonderful fresh fruit blends...your drinks will taste a hundred times better.)

    If still bothered the next day, hunt up a groundskeeper or vendor on the beach or property if one is available...tell them you want the Jamaican hangover cure = the water from a young coconut (called a "jelly"). The water is pure, full of potassium, will cure both head and stomach queasiness.) The "jelly" can be drunk at room temp or the outer shell cut off so it can then be chilled down in your room fridge. You could also just pour the coconut water over ice cubes too. This is one of the healthiest drinks you can have...hangover or not!

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    I'm another "don't get hangovers in JA" person, but I attribute it to the copious amount of water I consume. I LOVE the water down there.

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