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    Default Deciding between repeating Negril or trying Ocho. Please help!

    I've been to CN twice and loved both trips. I couldn't have asked for anything more, but would like to try something new. The tour we took of CSA was incredible, but I'm thinking of trying the "other side" and going to CTI. We always leave the resort for excursions and nightlife and I was thinking it would be nice to explore Ocho Rios. My only "hangup" is I'm afraid we won't like the resort as much as the ones in Negril. We are very active & I'm wondering if ppl actually participate in all the activities like they do at CN, ie. pool volleyball, catamaran, snorkeling, etc. All of those things are more fun with, or require a group. I'm afraid of making the wrong decision....Also, I understand that Negril has better beaches, but is the one at CTI bad enough to disappoint??

    I'm def. not going to repeat CN b/c I want a change, so I guess I'm torn btwn CSA & CTI. Any advice is welcome.

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    Try Ochi, for sure.. There is really a lot more to do there as far as outdoor activities and places to visit, and since you say you like to leave the resort, it's a great choice.

    Between Sans Souci and Tower Isle, we prefer Sans Souci

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    My vote is for CTI or CSS. It will be fun to do the excursions offered for free. I think if you want a change, you would need to leave Negril. Going to Ocho Rios will totally different, and will have a totally different feel then Negril. I LOVED CSA, and I am returning in September, 2011. However, I am trying CSS in August of 2010. I love the excitement of trying a totally new place. I can not wait to do the Dunns River Trip. I also like the reassurance of staying at a Couples Resort, because of the awesome experience with them at CSA. ( I was also being tugged to go to CTI, but the large porches at CSS won me over ).

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    1 nothing in ochi can compare to negrils
    [ ] beaches
    [ ] sunset
    [ ] proximity of local mom and pops along the beach
    CSS is quite unique in layout and foliage plus it offer a great AN set up.
    Ochi has cruise ships so time any external activity accordingly i.e. going to the fall with 600 people from a cruise ship is not realy much fun lol enjoy

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    CTI and CSS are great resorts. We prefer CSS but also enjoy CTI. If you like to be active, you may prefer CTI. They offer more excursions like Horseback Riding (which we also enjoyed) and the CAT Cruise. Make sure you do Dunns River and be sure to bring Water Shoes. We also love CN as you do because of the beach. We like to swap between the different resorts each year just for something different. If you go shopping, be sure to go to Island Village.

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    The most important question you have to ask yourself is whehter you'll be able to not spend every moment at your new resort comparing it to your "home" resort, which in this case happens to be CN. If your answer is yes, then by all means consider one of the other three resorts, knowing full well that they're still Couples resorts, which means you'll be receiving top notch quality of food, service, etc.

    However, if you fell deep down that you really will spend all your time comparing it, my suggestion would be to stay put. I can't tell you how many reviews I've read from folks who finally broke away from their favorite resort, tried a new one and were disappointed. Of course many others, even the majority I'd say, have had no problems and in fact loved experiencing another Couples property. But these are people who keep a truly open mind and look forward to trying something new.

    So if you fall into this latter category, then I say go for it.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    Can't advise on Couples since next week will be out first trip to CSA, however, I have been to Ochi twice and Negril 30+ times.

    They are completely different. I didn't like Ochi for the fact I felt like it was SOOOOOO touristy. I was haggled to no end, and I mean ridiculously. It wasn't easy to get around, walking anyway. You can't just walk along the beach and get to bars, restuarants, etc. It is more "metropolitan" so there is more activity but that is about the only thing. The 2 hotels I did stay at the beaches were just you really needed water shoes because it was rocky and the sand was rough...I much prefer 7 mile.

    Everyone likes different parts of Jamaica for different reasons, this is just my take on it, only you can decide. Good luck!

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    All the advice you get on here is not going to change what your mind, gut, and your general take on life and vacations tells you to do. I bet you alraedy have made up your mind and are truly just looking for reassurance. I do it all the time, so I know, trust me!!! It falls under that safety in numbers thing we like to rely on. That being said, have no fear as wherever you go, you will be under the general care of the Coupels Staff and everyone on this board knows that means you will be treated like Kings and Queens. We have been to both sides of the island and I can tell you that I would go to any of the four resorts with the confidence that I am going to have the time of my life. We have been to CTI more than any other resort and really love it, but I can tell you that each trip there has been completely different and yet not one was "better" than any of the others. Even though it was the same resort, each trip is unique and a complete blast. You will have a great time wherever you go because you will make it that way, so relax, go where you want, and enjoy.....I know you will!!!!!!!
    Peace, Love, and Respect
    CN 2002, COR 2007, CTI 2009, 2010, 2011
    CTI June 4-15, 2012

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    We are huge CSA fans and have been to both CSS and CTI. We LOVED CTI. It runs a VERY close second to CSA for us. The beach is not big, but we loved the privacy. And it's still gorgeous. We didn't spend nearly as much time in the water there as we do in Negril, but still loved the resort. And the staff is second to none!

    At CTI, there was beach volleyball at least once per day, and lots of games going on at the swimup bar. Also, the lounge in the evening was packed with people playing various games with the entertainment crew.

    Try the other side, I think you'll like it.

    Whatever you decide, though, don't look back. Go and enjoy.

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