We have been bitten by the Couples bug and I'm afraid there is no cure. Symptoms include longing for beautiful beaches, flags in the sand, the feeling of warm sunshine on your skin, the smell of jerk chicken, the taste of sweet potato chips, and the urge of wanting to go NOW! So count this as your fair warning that you too may be bitten by the Couples bug!!
I am just so excited to say we are returning home in 75 days!!!!!! We just returned from there on January 3rd but we just can't help ourselves. (remember that bug?)We booked last night (thank you for the discount!) for June 5th-13th and this will be our 5th trip to CSA...that's right 5th! For those of you who may be seeing this who have never been and wondering if you should come to a Couples the answer is YES!! They are absolutely right when they say "Once you go, you know" and they should add "once you go to Couples you know even more!" We will see you all soon!!