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    Default CSA BVS - 1st or 3rd Floor?

    So, I'm sure the Old Message Board may have had a debate about whether to request (even though it may not be granted) a 1st or 3rd floor Beachfront Verandah Suite - but this is the New Board!

    My question then for the CSA veterans, is which is more enjoyable!? Obviously without having gone myself I know that you have more privacy with a third floor unit. Yet, with a first floor unit you can walk directly onto the beach path. Your opinions and pros/cons would be appreciated!

    Go State!

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    Well here's my take. Nothing beats the first floor. Frankly you probably can't go wrong since after all it is CSA but that easy access to the beach, and back to the room at night after a few to many of your favorite drinks can't be discounted. We also love sitting on the verandah and watching the scenery both the water and the people. If you can, stay low.

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    Unless something has changed or the BVS are different from the GVS, you cannot lock or unlock the door from the outside on your verandah. So, if you are leaving your room and want it locked you must leave from the back and enter from the back. For us that negated any value to the first floor. However, if you do not intend to lock your door then you may feel much differently.

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    Why not ask about the 2nd floor?
    Which offers privacy, views and less stairs to climb

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    The first two years we were in a BVS, third floor. One time in the middle and one time a corner room. We had great views.

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    The next two years we were in a second floor Beachfront Suite (original section). Great views bigger verandah. No TV. We did not miss the TV.

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    We then took a short vacation right before Christmas and were going on the Fall In Love Again special (50% off for an Atrium room)They didn't have a second floor room so we ended up on the 1st floor and loved it. We sleep with the shutters open and leave the A/C off. It's wonderful. The tree frogs, the sound of the ocean etc... and a few of the Atrium rooms have a great view.

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    We will always stay in a fist floor Atrium. Great price, big verandah, etc... It's like having your own Caribbean cottage.
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    We've stayed in a BFVS 3 times - twice on the 2nd floor and once on the third. We are hoping for a 3rd floor when we return in January - here's why: you have a much better chance of an unobstructed view from the 3rd floor. And there is nothing better than watching the beautiful sunset from your verandah. On our last trip, our view of the sunset was obstructed from our second floor room. Not a big deal, but something to consider for us.

    We prefer the 2nd or 3rd floors because we like to sleep with the verandah doors open at night so that we can listen to the gentle sound of the waves. I wouldn't do that on the ground floor.

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    Default Hmmmm - depends on what's more important to you

    We had 3rd floor the first time and 1st floor the second time. The 3rd floor had a more unobstructed view of the ocean, but the ability to walk off the verandah onto the beach was wonderful and the view was still great - and I did not miss climbing up all those stairs! I'm really hoping for 1st floor again!

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