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    Default Towels for Trading Places?

    We know how the towel exchange works....but, what about when you go for a trading places swap? Must you bring a towel on the bus ride over? or can you get one at the sister resort visit? has anyone encountered this?

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    We were just at CTI and spent the day at CSS. CSS provided us with one towel per person.

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    That was a good question. We plan on doing this as well, but never thought about the towels. We probably would have taken a couple with us, but now having learned the resort will issue one to each visitor (thanks JJ), that's two fewer items to bring along.

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    One thing to think about, however, is what happened to a couple that went on the trading spaces with us from CSA to CN. They were out of towels at a couple of the stations at CN, and this couple had to wander around trying to find where else on the resort to get a couple of towels, thus wasting a bit of time. If you just put ones from your own resort in your beach bag before you get on the bus, then when you get there, you are good to go!

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    I didn't know that they supplied towels. We just packed ours in our beach bag along with our other things needed for a day at the beach.
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    What days does the trading places program happen and what do I have to bring to prove that I am a member? I am sure this question has been answered but I simply can't find it right now! Thanks!

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    I think the days are MWF, but can't remember for sure. You don't bring anything to "prove you are a member" as you make your reservation through guest services at your resort. They provide the shuttle over and they only allow 10 couples per day. We put our towels in our beach bag that we took over. We wore our suits and cover ups.

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    Trading Places is on Mon, Wed, & Fri. You will need your romance reward number to participate in the program.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    " You don't bring anything to "prove you are a member" as you make your reservation through guest services at your resort."

    Except your Romance Rewards number

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