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    Default We're Booked 1st timers to CN

    We're booked...first time to Jamaica. I have learned so much from this message board...I just wanted to say "Thanks." for all the questions...I found so many that I wanted to ask...and for all the answers. It has been so helpful. We are booked for the last week of April and "the waiting is the hardest part." Thanks to all.

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    Tami..Welcome to your new family...You new family of Couples.

    It's awesome that you picked CN for your first trip to Jamaica.
    I think you two will throughly love CN..Couples Negril.

    GO.RELAX.ENJOY CN and have a Salty Dog for me...Ruff Ruff
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    Those last final countdown days are the worst.

    You are in for an experience of a lifetime.

    We look forward to reading your review of your first visit.

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    Tami you are in for a trip of your life. CN is very special and you will have a fabulous time. Lucky you that you didn't have to wait months to go!
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    I still remember our first trip booked to CN. We were so excited! I guess you can tell we really enjoyed it because we are going back for our 5th trip this year. You are going to love it !

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