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    Default CSA 2010 Anniversary Weekend Info Request

    Can anyone tell me what activities will take place during the 2010 Anniversary Weekend at CSA (Oct. 7-12)? We are booked for Oct. 11-18 and would like a schedule of events, if available. Thanks!

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    The event schedule and anniversary themes have not yet been finalized. I will post on the board as soon as they are...

    Couples Resorts

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    Any update on this randymon? Thanks!

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    I asked this a while ago and nobody answered. I am guessing nobody knows still. We will be there from Oct 5 or 6 (can't remember) to the 12th.

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    Any update?

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    Any update on this randymon? Thanks!

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    We'll be traveling to CSA for the first time oct.9-14 and wondering about the anniversary party too. Any details would be appreciated. Thanks

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    I can't tell you what is scheduled this year but I have been to two of the anniversary parties in the past and I can tell you that you won't be disappointed. There are several drink stations, massive amounts of food all over the place. Usually a live band inside at the cocktail party in the great house and later a live band on the beach after dinner. They really pull out all the stops and I can assure you it will be fantastic.

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    turnanburn40 thanks for the info. 29 days and counting!

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    When are the anniversary parties for the other Couples resorts? (CTI and CSS)

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    last year was awesome. the entrees were served on the pool deck next to the swimup bar. all sorts of great salads and such were served inside the Patois Patio. Feathers was for deserts ONLY. a stage was setup pon da beach by the Cabana Grill and tables for dining were on the beach near that.

    we were entertained by Bob Marley, Elvis and Michael Jackson. wonderful show excellent food overseen by Chef Spath in person.

    the swimup bar was doing mojitos only that night, but there were other options all around.

    we went to the after party at the Aura Lounge and it was rockin. do go to it.

    you will have the opportunity to meet and speak with Swept Away's management as they are all there that night. we had several conversations with Randymon and the night of the party we got to speak with Ultimate quite a bit as he wasn't working that night.

    mind you this was last year and the evening was very special. so while things may be different this year it will still be a wonderful party that you will totally enjoy.


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