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    Default Motorcycle Rental in Negril

    Are there any places to rent motorcycles in Negril? Particularly sport bikes in the 600cc to 1000cc neighborhood.

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    We will be making our fourth trip to CN in just a few weeks. I have been riding since the late 70's. There is not enough money on the planet to convince me to rent a bike in Negril. Traffic is just too different than in the states. But if you REALLY need to ride, I see to recall bike rentals in the area.

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    Have you ever been to Jamaica? Any experience riding on the opposite side of the road, any experience with Jamaican drivers? I am sure there is somepace but as a very experienced rider I woud think it over many times before renting a scoot in Jamaica, its not like Bermuda or some other English islands its a unique driving experience.

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    I would think twice about renting a bike in Negril. There was a tourist killed on a rental the one year we were in Negril. He went head on into a dump truck in one of the curves on the strip. It was the problem with instinct of what side of the road he was supposed to be on. Take care

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    There are several places to rent bikes right on the main drag with all the resorts we rented 350 Enduros about 8 years ago, I think it was $60 for 8 hours (really cheap) but they actually told us to bring them back the next morning. I have to agree with the other people above we had 4 bikes 8 people, I consider myself a good rider but I wont be doing it again some of the guys were not as experienced and I thought several times they were done for, it seems as if locals enjoy getting as close as humanly possible so you need to stay in front of traffic its a constant race, I think its a sport for them. I enjoy Taxis when in Jamaica.

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    While we were at CSA my husband, children and their spouses rented bikes from a guy across the road. (They are all experienced riders and have their own bikes at home). It was a big mistake! They headed out of Negril and one of the bikes blew a tire and my son and his wife were thrown into a ditch. They were not seriously hurt just badly scraped and bruised and pretty uncomfortable for the next three days. The bike was a mess and they had to leave it. Someone gave them a ride back to CSA but not before their camera was stolen at the accident site. It really put a damper on our whole vacation and it certainly could have been a lot worse. So, I would not recommend it but if you do be extremely careful!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4bjackso View Post
    Are there any places to rent motorcycles in Negril? Particularly sport bikes in the 600cc to 1000cc neighborhood.
    ....I was looking at motorcycle rentals (google it) for our trip last Nov. During the bus ride to CN, and seeing the traffic, NO WAY!!!. And with traffic on the left side, no problem envisioning a head on crash.

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    This issue pops up on the message board every once in a while. Good advice above. I have been riding bikes for 40 years and would not consider riding in Jamaica. While cages in the States are blissfully unaware of bikes on the road, the auto drivers in Jamaica seem to be intent on getting as close to the bikes as they can. It is terrifying to watch the way bikes and cars battle for space in traffic. It does not seem to bother the Jamaican riders, but it would have me in fits trying to compete with the four wheel iron on the roads down there.

    With respect, let's leave the sled riding at home.

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    If you go out into the small towns and in the hills, you will see locals riding motorcycles and scooters- that they use as Taxis to transport other locals....

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    No we have never been to Jamaica. This is our first time and when Chris brought up this subject I knew that was more than likely a very bad idea. I figured I had heard enough about the traffic conditions on this message board that I knew what the response would be! While Chris has been riding for years I am totally against his thoughts of doing so in Jamaica. Thanks everyone for your posts! The remarks from those of you who have been to Jamaica are far more convincing than mine

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