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    I'm getting married at CTI on 12-31-10 and I was wondering how many of you bride to be's, or past bride to be's, plan on upgrading your wedding ceremony? I'm sure I'll upgrade our cake and flowers but I was wondering how many brides are adding on to the free wedding package and having cocktail hour, dinner reception, or music upgrades? We will probably have about 20 or so guests and since it's all inclusive I thought about just doing a cocktail hour after the ceremony and then make reservations for dinner that night. Plus it is New Year's Eve so I'm sure there will be plenty of things going on. I just don't want my guests or myself to be disappointed if I don't have a lot of decor or flash at my wedding. Any thoughts or suggestions from anyone?

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    It's a personal decision. I didn't see the point in spending extra money on a reception or anything. We all went on the Cat cruise (we were married at CSA) and went to dinner that night. We only had 8 guest so we were able to schedule dinner together that night. If you and yours want that, then do it. Most of all enjoy!!! Congrats!

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    I'm getting married at CTI on June 5, 2010. I do not know yet how many guests I will have, so I am going to do a cocktail hour after the ceremony. I am not going to upgrade the wedding package. I do plan to upgrade my cake and have cold appetizers. I'm not sure yet about the music. I am going to bring my bouquet, b/c I want to put rhinestones in it.

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    Congrats! I got married on 3/15 and we just did the wedding and reception included (cake and champagne) then took pics with our photographer.

    We then met up with everyone again at the Beach Party for dinner. It seemed very adequate to me. I had 7 guests, so of course you may need to get a larger cake and order some more champagne for the "reception" I'm not sure how much is included.

    We did upgrade by adding fresh flowers to the cake, more flowers on the arch, flowers for our parents (boutinierres or wrist corsage), video (we brought our own camcorder---cheaper $100). We hired a separate photographer, also.

    I'm pretty sure they will have some special event for NY Eve. I would email Debbie Hall and ask. They may even have a Beach Party with Live entertainment. We had singers, dancers, entertainers with fire and a great selection of food on the buffet, as well as service at our table. Just request 2 tables of 10 at the NY Eve Party. They put my table right by the entertainment stage and the flowers from my arch as the centerpiece and labeled the table "Reserved." It felt like the reception was for us (and the other wedding couples that day).

    Your guests will NOT be disappointed----I can guarantee that. My guests were overly impressed by Couples and everything they did for us, the whole trip. It is ALWAYS a good time

    Just email Debbie and ask what the resort does for NY Eve. I wish I was going to be there. I met my husband on NY Eve a couple of years ago

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    Thanks to all of you for your opinions!

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    Congratulations! I was married last Nov at CSA on the beach at sunset on a saturday. I did upgrade the ceremony for that time and on the beach. The day before was absolutely beautiful, however Saturday mother nature and some outter storms from Ike were in and out all day. So there really wasn't a sunset, and our time was pushed about 45 mins. But honestly, it didn't matter I was getting married and had friends with me.

    We had 14 guests, did the cold appetizer reception, Debbie Hall made arrangements for us to eat together at the Palms. It was very nice. We then met up at the "disco" and danced and had a great time.

    Enjoy your time, the decor is the island and your beautiful surroundings, tree's, beach, sand, and the beautiful people at Couples. Your guests will be having such a great time already, you really don't have to do much more.

    Good luck, and email Debbie Hall for direct answsers or to make reservations for your stay. She is fabulous!

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