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    Default Kind of disappointed. Can anyone help?

    I started a thread a couple months ago about some problems we'd had with TAs listed on this site (failure to contact us, unwillingness to provide brochure, etc.) and also that I'd requested a brochure and never got one, and the thread never got posted. But I didn't get any kind of communication (that I know of) explaining why, etc. I never got the brochure. And I never heard from any TA. We ended up booking with a friend who is a TA but knows nothing about Couples.

    Then yesterday, I clicked on "contact us" and sent an inquiry about a specific question for our trip and still have not heard back.

    I'm not sure what to do? I hate to bother call operators with simple issues and thought an email was preferred.

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    Post your questions....there are many experts in Couples on this board.

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    I almost never get a response to my emails unless I contact someone specific. I have been told to call many times but I am unable to call during business hours most of the time. If you are able to call I would do that. I feel like if they preferred email they would be more diligent about answering them so I think they prefer phone calls.

    What is your questions? Someone here might be able to answer it.

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    I think they might be going green, so the brochures are now available on the website as a PDF?

    If you have a question about your trip, someone on here can probably answer it.

    I'm not sure about the TAs on here since we book direct with Couples. I'm sure if you called the 800 number someone will assist you. Remember that the "contact us" only goes to one person's email so it might be a while before they can get back to you. In the meantime, use this board.
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    Or just call the travel agent I used who was fantastic, has stayed at Couples several times and was able to answer every single question I had. E-mail if you still need a good one (

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    I'm guessing that TA = travel agent? First of all, you don't need to use a travel agent. If you book the trip directly with Couples on the website, you will avoid paying sales tax in the U.S., which can be a big chunk of money. I witnessed this twice - we went in 2008 and we are going again in July 2010.

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    Thanks, Walt. I have learned so much here, and that is one of the reasons I was able to book with a non-Couples TA, because I felt well enough informed not to require a TA's resort-specific expertise.

    However, the question I had is one that only someone on behalf of the resort can answer. Fortunately this afternoon I received a response to my "contact us" inquiry yesterday saying that the inquiry had been passed along and someone will be in touch with me. Shortly after, I received the answer on what I was inquiring about and an indication that the person responding would let me know if the answer to that question changes. How wonderful!

    Thanks for everyone's help here. This resource is invaluable!

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    I'm not sure that any problem with a particular TA is going to get much help by posting it here. If you have a problem with them, I'd suggest contacting Couples directly, as these are supposed to be Couples "specialists". If there are problems with the service these TA's are providing to Couples clients or potential ones, they'd want to hear it.

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    Book Direct with need for TA's. lus COuples does not run the TA's businesses and are not at fault if you get no response. Bostonwalt is correct...this sight is full of Know-It-All's <BIG-GRIN>! Just asks here!

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    Melody - we have tried several times to contact you through the email address you have listed in your profile. Please check to ensure that this email address is accurate.

    Feel free to contact Sharie Gordon, Customer Relations Manager, 954 665 2962

    Couples Resorts

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