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    Default CSA Atrium suite

    Hello All. I booked the Atrium Suite at CSA. Has anyone stayed in this room type? Please give feedback. Not sure if I should upgrade. Also, is it easy to switch room types if you get there and don't like the room? I heard atrium suite does not have a tv?

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    Atrium suites are in the "original" section of SweptAway and are unlike anything you will see anywhere else. They are open, airy, and very tropical. Each one has a balcony or patio with a hammock. None of them have tv's or if this is important to you, you should upgrade now. If you wait until you arrive to upgrade, you may not be able to. When we were there in February, the resort was totally booked. We would not stay anywhere else but the atrium...because to us...this is Jamaica. Some of the other room types could exist anywhere - they are typical of rooms all over the Caribbean. Not the atrium, however...they are unique.

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    You heard (or read) correctly... the Atrium Suites have neither TV nor minibar. If this is a dealbreaker, you should probably rebook to a room category that satisfies your expectations.

    Many folks (including us) LOVE the Atrium Suites for their rustic, bohemian charm, their location in the lush garden areas, the lack of traffic; and the fact that there IS NO tv. And let's not forget that heavenly hammock!

    That's part of the beauty of SweptAway's several room categories... there's something for every taste, and every budget.

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    That is correct, no TV. Some people don't want one in the room.

    If you arrive and don't like the actual Room and want to try a different Atrium, that would be easy enough. Try to speak up before you unpack and settle in..makes it easier on everyone.

    As far as switching room types, each Category is priced at a different level, so you would be asking to switch Categories.
    Which would be based on:

    1- Availability of another room in another Category
    2- You may have to pay the difference for an Upgrade
    3- You may not be compensated for a Downgrade that you made by choice

    The Atriums are not for us - we like to be on the beach with a view...but these rooms are very popular with people who go back every year.

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    no tv, no mini bar. But you get your own hammock.

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    We stayed in the Atrium our first time at CSA. We loved it! It was peaceful and even with the screen only windows, the outdoor sounds did not bother us (and we were right beside The Palms) It does not have a tv. That is one of the things people like about it the most. So if you are going to absolutely need a tv--then you will want to switch. I don't think it is easy to switch to a different room category once you arrive as the rest may already be to capacity. Now we have not stayed in the Atrium since but for different reasons...first thing is at the time we stayed in it (2005) the new section was not built...we love that end and we choose to stay in rooms closer to it so no atrium rooms. Once we did BFVS as a treat to ourselves because it was our anniversary. Then we tried the Great House and fell in love with those rooms. This will be our 3rd time staying in the Great House. It just comes down to personal preference....if you want to walk out of your room and be right on the beach or in the gardens, or be right upstairs or down the hallway from the restaurant, casino, or nightclub. I would just recommend you decide before you go.
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    I've been to CSA 15 times, always stayed in an Atrium Suite. Hate it, stay in one of the new buidings with a mini bar!!!

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    Why did you stay in an Atrium room 15 times if you hated it???

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    Methinks db is trying to improve his odds that he gets his favorite Atrium Suite! ;-)

    I've tried this ruse many times, but it never seems to work.

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    One of life's greatest problems.....great sarcasm lost on a few.

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    After reading about how great the Atrium's are, I am so sad I didnt book one. It sounds like the perfect room and exactly what I pictured. Open, airy and tropical! I booked a beachfront suite! Are they open, airy and tropical too? I heard they are alike. What makes them different?

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    Ah Chris, you found me out...

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    I believe the beachfront suites are the same layout as the atrium except they have a minibar and a sofa rather than the hammock.

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    Beachfront Suites are very similiar to the Atrium Rooms except larger verandah ( it is huge ), couch instead of hammock, you are guaranteed an ocean view, literally steps to the beach, and a minibar. I would LOVE to try one of these rooms, but the cost always stops me.

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    If you want to see some great picture of both atrium rooms and beachfront suites take a look at this link , I think the pictures are better then the ones you find on the Couples website.

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