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    Default Jamaica X-mas music

    Was at CSS 2 yrs ago in Dec and they always had x-mas reggee music at sun set beach playing in the background. This past Dec. we where at CSA and there was no music. Going to CN this Dec, does anyone know if there is x-mas reggae playing at all?

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    There isn't much out there for Christmas reggae... a few years back, when we visited SweptAway in 2nd week of December, they were just getting their Christmas mojo going. All the trimmings were in place and lit up by week's end, but nothing to speak of for reggae. Maybe after we left?

    In any case, when doing a bit of shopping at Cosmo's that week, we came across a Jamaican Christmas cd that was compiled and recorded by a church group somewhere on the island... I'd have to dig it out to see who it was. Needless to say, its on our player every Christmas since!

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    We heard Christmas music at CSA last year, in fact, every year....
    you can also bring your own on your iPod

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    CN had Christmas music playing in the Casanava Restaurant in the mornings. We left the day they started that so I'm not sure if they also had it at the pool.
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    I was at CN in mid-December as they were decorating and gearing up for Christmas and there was plenty of reggae Christmas music.

    Guys strolling along the beach every day playing songs for tips had some great renditions of the holiday favorites and at dinner the live music worked in Christmas tunes too. I feel quite sure they probably added even more to the mix as it got closer and closer to the holiday.

    One of my best memories of this trip is the first afternoon, floating in the ocean and hearing the reggae version of Joy to the World coming faintly from the beach.

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    Default Christmas Music

    Do a search using Reggae Christmas...tons of stuff pops up.

    I have a CD from 1988 that is named Reggae Christmas with various artists. The front of the CD is a fire place with socks hanging from it with christmas lights.

    I play it every year...12 days of Christmas is my has a jamaican flare to it for sure


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